Book Reviews

Max Brooks – Zombie Survival Guide (Der Zombie Survival Guide – Überleben unter Untoten)

I thought it would be quite cool to change my listening preferences for a while and dab into the amazing German language on my way to work. And it was absolutely the right choice when I was presented with some amazing words – “selbsmord” (literally killing of self – suicide) and “hinterhältigen” (devious)

The Zombie Survival Guide is the key to successfully warding off the undead, a constant threat to humans. Through comprehensive information, this survival guide covers the full range of potential attack and defense techniques. He gives advice on zombie-safe living, explains the physiology and typical behavior patterns of zombies and describes the most important items in the fight against these devious opponents.

Growing Up

Keep Halloween from Breaking the Bank

Halloween costumes are creative and they continue to evolve each year with new and innovative materials, ideas and technology. The price can also evolve, thus, if you are strapped for cash, but still want to have a memorable Halloween, here are some tips for you.

Baby Care

Safety tips for kids

What we should do?

Cute baby sleeping

1, Always keep the baby neat and clean.

2, Cut the nails properly with utmost care.

3, Wet nappy should be removed and parts should be cleaned with soap.


How to instantly connect with anyone

Some people, regardless of money, education, looks or personality, make an impression wherever they go – they are master communicators, and everyone enjoys talking to them. How to Instantly Connect with Anyone shows you how to be one of those lucky few.