Book Reviews

The Host – Stephanie Meyer

Completely different from Twilight and offering a slightly better love story than Bella and Edward, The Host is a book about an alien species who call themselves “souls” who like to invade unsuspecting planets and attach themselves in the aboriginal life forms and live on their life spans. It’s a story about an invasion aftermath, about a wandering “soul” who could not fully exorcise the human conscience living inside its host body and who finds that the “monstrous” humans living on the planet were not as bad as described. It’s a story about another love triangle and being a book from Stephanie Meyer – it’s a boring love story.

The premise is good but the book is so drawn out and uselessly padded that I felt like stopping reading it a few times during the last 4 weeks (! this coming from the same person who devoured a similarly lengthy book in 2 days).