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Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn Book Review

sharp-objects-by-gillian-flynnAfter the pleasant surprise I had reading “Dark Places” and “Gone Girl“, I thought nothing I read from Gillian Flynn would convince me more of the basic evil-ness of the human species.
I was wrong. So Wrong. I prayed after every chapter for it to be fiction. I hope such a town and such people do not exist. I hope to God such people do not exist in real life. I might be wrong.

This is the story of a girl who returns to her home town to report on the two brutal murders of young girls. The story of loss and reunion with loved ones. Of estrangement, of growing up and growing apart. Of deadly things that lurk in the shadows and of deadlier still in someone’s family. As I was reading hunched over my tablet, a friend approached me and asked what was I reading, that I looked so intense and taken?

There is nothing scarier than 13-year-olds with boobs.

She laughed but she looked at me quizzically, as I was losing my mind. And reading this book, I sure was.

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