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Ross Poldark: A Novel of Cornwall 1783 – 1787 (Poldark Book 1)

Ross Poldark is the first novel in Winston Graham’s hugely popular Poldark series, which has become a television phenomenon starring Aidan Turner.

Tired from a grim war in America, Ross Poldark returns to his land and his family. But the joyful homecoming he has anticipated turns sour, for his father is dead, his estate is derelict and the girl he loves is engaged to his cousin.

But his sympathy for the destitute miners and farmers of the district leads him to rescue a half-starved urchin girl from a fairground brawl and take her home – an act which alters the whole course of his life.

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Forever a Hero – Linda Lael Miller

Mace Carson is no hero. Back in college, he came upon a woman in trouble and intervened—but he was just one irate Wyoming cowboy with his boots planted firmly on the side of right. Now a successful vintner, Mace is shocked to be reunited with the woman he saved. But it turns out she’s in Wyoming on business…a corporate executive representing the company that wants to buy his winery. Only, he’s not selling. 

Kelly Wright has never forgotten that horrible night ten years ago when Mace came to her rescue, has never forgotten him. The surprising success of a winery in the middle of ranch country has brought her to Mustang Creek, and she’s secretly thrilled to discover Mace at the helm. Reluctant to mix business with pleasure, Kelly vows to keep things professional, until her attacker is released from prison and comes for vengeance…against both of them.

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Orson Scott Card – The Call of Earth

{31518284-A00B-4E73-9B83-0773AE0E9931}Img100The Call of Earth continues the story of Nafai, his family, and the few other people selected by the Oversoul to leave the city of Basilica, and their former lives.

Book 1: Memory Of Earth

When the human refugees from a ruined Earth founded a colony on the planet Harmony, they determined that this world would not be devastated by the endless cycle of vicious warfare that had characterised human life from the beginning.

They didn’t try to change human nature. Instead they installed a powerful computer, called the Oversoul, and gave it the task of governing human affairs by subtly influencing human minds. That was millions of years ago. Now the Oversoul is growing weak, breaking down. It must be returned to Earth, to the master computer called the Keeper of Earth, to be repaired. The Oversoul must have human help to make that journey.

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Orson Scott Card – The Memory of Earth

855764._UY200_.jpgTitle: The Memory of Earth
Series: Homecoming
Number in Series: 1 (one)
Author: Orson Scott Card
Original Publisher: Tor Books
Originally Published: March 1992

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Orson Scott Card * Tales of Alvin Maker * Book 6 – The Crystal City

I was encouraged by both the title and the cover art for this novel that Alvin was finally going to take that golden plough out of his poke and finally lay the ground for his city, and in that regard I am not disappointed. However, this is still not the climax of the tale.

Using the lore and the folk-magic of the men and women who settled North America, Orson Scott Card has created an alternate world where magic works, and where that magic has colored the entire history of the colonies. Charms and beseechings, hexes and potions, all have a place in the lives of the people of this world. Dowsers find water, the second sight warns of dangers to come, and a torch can read a person’s future—or their heart.

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Lord of the Rings Volume 2 – The Two Towers

“Where now are the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?
Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing?
Where is the harp on the harpstring, and the red fire glowing?
Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing?
They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow;
The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.
Who shall gather the smoke of the deadwood burning,
Or behold the flowing years from the Sea returning?”

I’ve finished Book 1 and taken a breather and decided to start Book 2. It’s as amazing as the first one and so well written! The two towers discussed in the title are none other than Saruman’s lair and Sauron’s eye-tower. The movie tie-in edition that I have was perfect to depict the other tower well into distance.


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Jack du Brul – River Of Ruin

Series: The Philip Mercer Series Release Date: May 2017

This book started off good and really felt like a typical Clive Cussler book. I think maybe it was bout 100 pages too long and my interest started to wander at the end. The writer has talent, but he needs to find his own winning formula. Read on if you’re interested in Incan treasure and Chinese plots in Panama. I wasn’t.

I didn’t realize this was a series or I would have started with book one.

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The Tomb Of Shadows – Seven Wonders Book 3

I’ve done it again. Picked up a book without knowing it was in the middle of an existing series. And without reading the spine first to see it was a book for 13-14 year olds rather than for excitable adults age 30+.

For a teen read, it’s amazing! It’s an epic adventure book with no sex, loads of baddies, ancient foes and talks of Greek Mythology. For an adult, it’s a constant bore with under-developed characters and dialogue that would bring you to sleep rather than keep you awake with excitement.

Cass glanced around. “Actually . . . I’m not sure. I lost the map in the river.” “Don’t play games,” Aly snapped. “You don’t need it. You know the route.” “I did,” Cass said. “But . . . it’s not there, Aly. In my brain. I can’t call it up.” “What do you mean, not there?” Aly said. “If you’re being insecure again, like you were in Babylon, now’s the time to stop.”

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Waking Gods (Themis Files #2) by Sylvain Neuvel

Every single person on Earth—well, 99.95 percent of them—has alien genetics.

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Cat – V. C. Andrews (Wildflowers 04)

Since I’ve started with the shitty series from V.C. Andrews (or her ghostwriter), I decided to tackle the last book in the series called Cat.

This is definitely the most disturbing of this series. Cat deals with issues that none of the other girls had to. This wasn’t arguing parents or legal disputes or even absentee dads.

She was forty-six years old and from what I understood, she had not been to a doctor for more than thirty years. She didn’t have to go to a doctor to give birth to me. I had been adopted. I didn’t learn that until . . . until afterward, but it made sense. It was practically the only thing that did.

As the story unfolds, we witness some serious psychological abuse from her mother. She grew up thinking her body and its functions are something to be ashamed of and her mother was afraid of anything physical of nature.