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Karin Slaughter * The Good Daughter

Imagine one of the most horrible things that can happen in a small town. A school shooting. A teenager walks into a middle school and kills the counsellor and a young girl.

The Boston Marathon attacks. San Bernardino. The Pulse Nightclub. People were outraged. They were glued to their televisions, to their web pages, to their Facebook feeds. They vocally expressed sorrow, horror, fury, pain. They cried for change. They raised money. They demanded action. And then they went back to their lives until the next one happened again.

The girl, Kelly Wilson, appears to be mentally slow and it looks like she had suffered from a lot of bullying in high-school and there were rumours of a terminated pregnancy and a shamed family sending their boy to school somewhere far away. Now she comes in dressed in Emo Clothing and starts shooting.

A man’s feet pointed up at the ceiling.

Behind him, to his right, a smaller set of feet splayed out. Pink shoes. White stars on the soles. Lights that would flash when she walked.

An older woman knelt beside the little girl rocking back and forth, wailing. Charlie wanted to wail, too.

Blood had sprayed the plastic chairs outside the office, splattered onto the walls and ceiling, jetted onto the floors. She had seen this before. She knew that you could put it all in a little box and close it up later, that you could go on with your life if you didn’t sleep too much, didn’t breathe too much, didn’t live too much so that death came back and snatched you away for the taking.

This is only part of the story. What The Good Daughter tackles is not one but two major dramas and I must say I read the whole book in close to two days.

Stephen King

Throttle * Joe Hill & Stephen King

In the Stephen King Universe, there are a few stories, like In the tall grass which has both him and his son, Joe Hill, as co-authors.

“They rode west from the slaughter, through the painted desert, and did not stop until they were a hundred miles away.”

Motorcycle-Truck-crash-head-onSo begins Throttle‘s terrifying odyssey down desolate Route 6, a long stretch of road in Nevada’s empty desert. Vince, his son Race, and his pack of bikers, The Tribe, are on the run, but it’s not long before the group is chased by something far more frightening and relentless than the memory of their own crimes.

Stephen King

Stephen King's Rage (Bachman Books)

Stephen King - Rage
Stephen King – Rage

Did you ever feel like you just wanted to KILL someone because you could not bear it anymore?

“Craziness is only a matter of degree, and there are lots of people besides me who have the urge to roll heads. They go to stock-car races and the horror movies and the wrestling matches they have in Portland Expo. Maybe what she said smacked of all those things, but I admired her for saying out loud, all the same–the price of honesty is always high. She had an admirable grasp of the fundamentals. Besides, she was tiny and pretty.”
― Richard Bachman, Rage

I absolutely loved this book. The average King fan may not be familiar with the 1977 book “Rage.” Originally published under his pen name, Richard Bachman, King wrote the novel in 1966 while he was still in high school.