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I have never liked looking at myself in a mirror… * Deeply Odd

Bewildered, I went to the sink, leaned toward the mirror, searched the reflection for the concrete walls and the single hanging light for the dungeon or abattoir, or whatever the place had been but saw only the clean, bright shower room.

I have never liked looking at myself in a mirror. I don’t know why exactly. I’m not movie-star handsome, but I’m not the Creature from the Black Lagoon, either. I’m pretty much a face in the crowd, which is a blessing when, like me, you have a reason not to draw attention to yourself. There’s just something unsettling about studying your reflection. It’s not a matter of being dissatisfied with your face or of being embarrassed by your vanity. Maybe it’s that when you gaze into your own eyes, you don’t see what you wish to see or glimpse something that you wish weren’t there.

At least my face was not splashed with blood, and my eyes were not dead-flat yet fevered like those of a zombie.

I didn’t try to puzzle through how such a thing could be. The world is filled with mysteries; and I have learned that every mystery will either explain itself or it won’t. I can’t force Nature to draw back her curtains and reveal the hidden machinery that constitutes the true workings of the world.

Excerpt from Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz

Dean Koontz Excerpts

Theologians tell us that this is a fallen world… * Deeply Odd

Theologians tell us that this is a fallen world, that Adam and Eve broke it when they fell from grace. Maybe you’™re not a believer, but if you’™re honest, you’™ll have to agree that something is wrong with this place.

Senseless violence, corrupting envy, greed, blind hatred, and willful ignorance seem to be proof that Earth has gone haywire, but so is the absurdity that we see everywhere. The people of a broken world, off the rails and wobbling trackless on their journeys to oblivion or meaning, are frequently going to be foolish, sometimes in entertaining ways. When amusing, their foolishness and mine ”can be a lamp that brightens my spirit in spite of all threats and suffering.

I suspected that by the time this was done, Mrs. Fischer would leave me glowing.

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Dean Koontz * Deeply Odd

“The world howls for social justice, but when it comes to social responsibility, you sometimes can’t even hear crickets chirping.”

I have loved this book much as I loved most of the Dean Koontz books I have read (and I have read my fair share of them). Oddie is back and while he was young and innocent and in love with Stormy in “Odd Thomas”, with every book, he got darker and broodier and facing bigger and bigger monsters each time.

This time it’s satanists who are using a crack in the dimensional space to kidnap children and sacrifice their innocence in gruesome manner to their dark lord. Sounds like a stretch? Well, it’s not and it’s filled with good people and good and memorable life lessons I will extricate and display in other posts.

There is a very colorful character in this book (Eddie) and I wish when I grow old I’ll become a little like her.


“…Child, do you know where trult great courage comes from, the kind of courage that will never back down?’
I said, “Faith.”
“And love,” she said. “faith is a kind of love you know. Love of what is unseen but certain. Love makes us strong and brave.”

“It’s funny, ma’am, how sometimes you’re so sarcastic but it doesn’t sting.”
“Because of my dimples. Dimples are a get-out-of-jail-free card”

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Odd Thomas * Dean Koontz

In a remote town, a 20 year old fryer called Odd Thomas (Odd is the surname) has a very special gift and is soon to be in harm’s way.