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The Changeling – Victor LaValle

Do you remember the old folk’s tales of goblins coming out at night and switching babies with clay dolls and taking the real kids with them? The old wive’s tales would give advice on how to prevent this from happening, how to tell if the baby you are seeing is really yours or not or whether it has been changed with a cruel replacement.…

Book Reviews

Orson Scott Card – Homebody Book Review

I bought a house recently and never would I have thought that an audiobook of a novel written in 1998 about a house haunting would strike so true.

I didn’t read anything about the book prior to its purchase and as I went along, the story unfolded as a sweet, sometimes uplifting, sometimes saddening, tale of becoming.…

Book Reviews

Neil Olson-The Black Painting Book Review

“A riveting psychological thriller, a serious dissection of a dysfunctional family and an exploration of the power of art to change lives.” —Associated Press
“A fast-paced psychological thriller with a fascinating set of characters. … A real page-turner.” -B.A. Shapiro, author of The Art Forger

An atmospheric literary mystery about an infamous painting rumored to be cursed—and the family torn apart by its disappearance.…