The Assumption of Mary * 15th of August

The Feast of the Assumption of Mary (Mariae Himmelfahrt, Mariä Aufnahme in den Himmel) is celebrated in some states in Germany on August 15 each year. It is a public holiday in Saarland and some parts of Bavaria. Many Catholics attend special church services and some people collect herbs as a tradition for the day. The fourth ecumenical council was held in Chalcedon, now part of Istanbul, Turkey, in 451 CE.  The council decided that the Assumption of Mary would be recognized as a Christian feast. This feast is important for Catholics because it marks the moment that Mary’s body and soul went to heaven, according to Catholic belief. The date was fixed as August 15 sometime around the year 700 CE.

It’s also a massive Orthodox holiday – having a liturgy ordaining her setting into a grave similar to the one of Christ.

Book Reviews

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

The obsessed guy from You – Caroline Kepnes Book Review is back! And he’s as psycho as ever! He’s insane and he’s happy about it.

Caroline Kepnes delivers a more riveting, more chilling, more fascinating sophomore novel as our favorite sociopath Joe Goldberg takes on Hollywood… suspenseful, charming and unexpectedly poetic…With her singular style, endearing antihero and captivating social satire, Kepnes will leave you entirely satisfied and ready for more.” (USA Today: Happy Ever After)



Organize Your Holiday and Bring Joy to Your World

The holiday season can be a stressful and chaotic time. Between attending holiday parties, shopping, meal planning, baking, gift wrapping, and entertaining, there never seems to be enough time. But if you organize, schedule and plan properly, you might find you even have a little extra time to relax and recharge.

The should first sit down with your family at a meeting and find out what activities and parties they are involved in during the season. If there are rehearsals for the church pageant, choir practice, or volunteer work activities, make sure you incorporate them all into your family schedule. Be sure to factor in time off that you’ve taken during the holiday season so that if they need an extra set of hands to help out at the church’s bake sale, you’ll know at a glance whether or not you can help out.