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The Changeling – Victor LaValle

Do you remember the old folk’s tales of goblins coming out at night and switching babies with clay dolls and taking the real kids with them? The old wive’s tales would give advice on how to prevent this from happening, how to tell if the baby you are seeing is really yours or not or whether it has been changed with a cruel replacement.…

Book Reviews

Malice by Griffin Hayes Book Review

Welcome to Millingham, MA, pop. 5000… 4997… 4993…

The sheriff has convinced himself and others that the recent rash of deaths in the town are just suicides. Lysander Shore knows different. He knows the townsfolk are being hunted. He knows they face an evil as old as the town itself.…

Book Reviews

The Mask Of the Red Death

A short gothic novel by Poe regarding the escape of prince Prospero away from a sickness to find out that no place is safe. We can think that the seven chambers symbolize the stages of the life. So blue is the birth, purple is the childhood (not sure, because purple is the colour of the mourning), green is the adolescence, a period when all is growing and when the person grow, orange is the adult age, white is maybe the weddings, violet is the old age and red is the death. 


The Pleasures of Melancholy (Poem)

by Thomas Warton Jr

Mother of musings, Contemplation sage,
Whose grotto stands upon the topmost rock
Of Teneriffe; ‘mid the tempestuous night,
On which, in calmest meditation held,
Thou hear’st with howling winds the beating rain
And drifting hail descend; or if the skies
Unclouded shine, and through the blue serene
Pale Cynthia rolls her silver-axled car,
Whence gazing steadfast on the spangled vault
Raptured thou sitt’st, while murmurs indistinct
Of distant billows soothe thy pensive ear
With hoarse and hollow sounds; secure, self-blest,
There oft thou listen´st to the wild uproar
Of fleets encount´ring, that in whispers low
Ascends the rocky summit, where thou dwell´st
Remote from man, conversing with the spheres!