Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, The Sorrows of Young Werther Excerpt about love

“And when I look around the apartment where I now am,—when I see Charlotte’s apparel lying before me, and Albert’s writings, and all those articles of furniture which are so familiar to me, even to the very inkstand which I am using,—when I think what I am to this family—everything. My friends esteem me; I often contribute to their happiness, and my heart seems as if it could not beat without them; and yet—if I were to die, if I were to be summoned from the midst of this circle, would they feel—or how long would they feel—the void which my loss would make in their existence? How long! Yes, such is the frailty of man, that even there, where he has the greatest consciousness of his own being, where he makes the strongest and most forcible impression, even in the memory, in the heart of his beloved, there also he must perish,—vanish,—and that quickly.

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The Sorrows of Young Werther (Classics) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So this is not among my usual reads but I thought if I stuck it in Audiobook format, it will be nice to listen to on the way in and out from #covid work.


The Holy Longing by Goethe

“Tell a wise person, or else keep silent,
because the mass man will mock it right away.
I praise what is truly alive,
what longs to be burned to death.

In the calm water of the love-nights,
where you were begotten, where you have begotten,
a strange feeling comes over you,
when you see the silent candle burning.

Now you are no longer caught
in the obsession with darkness,
and a desire for higher love-making
sweeps you upward.

Distance does not make you falter.
Now, arriving in magic, flying,
and finally, insane for the light,
you are the butterfly and you are gone.

And so long as you haven’t experienced
this: to die and so to grow,
you are only a troubled guest
on the dark earth.”
― Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Im Wasser wogt die Lilie, die blanke, hin und her,

Doch irrst du, Freund, sobald du sagst, sie schwanke hin und her:

Es wurzelt ja so fest ihr Fuß im tiefen Meeresgrund,

Ihr Haupt nur wiegt ein lieblicher Gedanke hin und her!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer, pictorial artist, biologist, theoretical physicist, and polymath. He is considered the supreme genius of modern German literature. His works span the fields of poetry, drama, prose, philosophy, and science


One Day – One Love Poem – Proximity of the Beloved One

Nähe des Geliebten Nearness of the
Beloved One
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Translation by Hyde Flippo

Ich denke dein,
wenn mir der Sonne schimmer
I think of you,
when I see the sun’s shimmer
Vom Meere strahlt; Gleaming from the sea.
Ich denke dein,
wenn sich des Mondes Flimmer
I think of you,
when the moon’s glimmer
In Quellen malt. Is reflected in the springs.
Ich sehe dich,
wenn auf dem fernen Wege
I see you,
when on the distant road
Der Staub sich hebt, The dust rises,
In tiefer Nacht,
wenn auf dem schmalen Stege
In deep night,
when on the narrow bridge
Der Wandrer bebt. The traveler trembles.
Ich höre dich,
wenn dort mit dumpfem Rauschen
I hear you,
when with a dull roar
Die Welle steigt. The wave surges.
Im stillen Haine geh’ ich oft zu lauschen, In the quiet grove I often go to listen
Wenn alles schweigt. When all is silent.
Ich bin bei dir,
du seist auch noch so ferne,
I am with you,
however far away you may be,
Du bist mir nah! You are next to me!
Die Sonne sinkt,
bald leuchten mir die Sterne.
The sun is setting,
soon the stars will shine upon me.
O wärst du da! If only you were here!
J.W. von Goethe – From the German

Proximity of the loved one
Proximity of the loved one

Proximité de l’être aimé

Je pense à toi, lorsque les lueurs du soleil
Brillent dans la mer.
Je pense à toi, lorsque le scintillement de la lune
Se mire dans les sources.
Je te vois, lorsqu’au loin sur le chemin
La poussière se soulève,
Dans la nuit profonde, lorsque sur l’étroite sente
Le voyageur tressaille.
Je t’entends, lorsqu’en des murmures étouffés
La vague monte là-bas.
Dans le paisible bosquet je vais souvent pour écouter,
Quand tout se tait.
J e suis auprès de toi, aussi loin sois-tu
Tu es près de moi.
Le soleil baisse, bientôt brilleront les étoiles,
Ah! Si tu étais là !

Aproape de cel dragAproape de cel drag – Johann Wolfgang Goethe

La tine mă gândesc când valu-n soare,
Pe mări sclipeşte,
Când licărul de lună, din izvoare
Se oglindeşte.
Te văd pe tine când în drum, sub zare
Colb se ridică.
În bezne, când drumeţul pe cărare
E prins de frică.
Te-aud pe tine-n vâjâirea-adâncă
De val, în ropot
Adesea merg s-ascult când, stins, în luncă,
E orice şopot.
Cu tine sunt; de-ai fi cât de departe,
Sunt lângă tine.
Apune; stelele-n curând vor arde.
De-ai fi la mine!