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The truth hunter (Der Wahrheitsjäger: Andere richtig einschätzen)

Assess others correctly – see through lies – use insights
A top investigator reveals his best methods

How often have people unknowingly given out information about themselves (not only on the internet). People need to be equipped with a danger-radar that will enable them to detect which people to trust.


Lange musst du leiden

Lange musst du leiden, kennend nicht was,
bis plötzlich aus gehässig erbissener Frucht
deines Leidens Geschmack eintritt in dir.
Und da liebst du schon fast das Gekostete. Keiner
redet dirs wieder aus

“Long you must suffer, knowing not what,
until suddenly out of spitefully chewed fruit, your suffering’s taste comes forth in you.

Then you will love almost instantly what’s tasted. No one will ever talk you out of it.”

Rainer Maria Rilke, 10.3.1913, Paris
Gedichte 1906 bis 1926.
(Sammlung der verstreuten und nachgelassenen Gedichte aus den mittleren und späten Jahren.)


You are the future * Rainer Maria Rilke

Du bist die Zukunft, großes Morgenrot

Du bist die Zukunft, großes Morgenrot
über den Ebenen der Ewigkeit.
Du bist der Hahnschrei nach der Nacht der Zeit,
der Tau, die Morgenmette und die Maid,
der fremde Mann, die Mutter und der Tod.Du bist die sich verwandelnde Gestalt,
die immer einsam aus dem Schicksal ragt,
die unbejubelt bleibt und unbeklagt
und unbeschrieben wie ein wilder Wald.

Du bist der Dinge tiefer Inbegriff,
der seines Wesens letztes Wort verschweigt
und sich den Andern immer anders zeigt:
dem Schiff als Küste und dem Land als Schiff.

You are the future, The red sky before sunrise
Over the fields of time.You are the cock’s crow when night is done,
You are the dew and the bells of matins,
Maiden, stranger, mother, death.

You create yourself in ever-changing shapes
That rise from the stuff of our days–
Unsung, unmourned, undescribed,
Like a forest we never knew.

You are the deep innerness of all things,
The last word that can never be spoken.
To each of us you reveal yourself differently:
To the ship as coastline, to the shore as a ship.

Rainer Maria Rilke, 20.9.1901, Westerwede

Seven faced God: Mother, Maiden, Stranger, Death, Warrior

The Crone (holding a lantern), the Warrior (holding swords), the Mother (with open arms of mercy), the Father(holding scales of justice), the Maiden (a nude young woman), the Smith, and the Stranger (at lower left, not clearly visible; the Stranger represents death and the unknown

–From The Book of Pilgrimage by Rainer Maria Rilke; excerpted from Rilke’s Book of Hours: Love Poems to God, Anita Barrows and Joanna Marie Macy, trans. (New York: Riverhead Trade, 2005), page 17

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Im Wasser wogt die Lilie, die blanke, hin und her,

Doch irrst du, Freund, sobald du sagst, sie schwanke hin und her:

Es wurzelt ja so fest ihr Fuß im tiefen Meeresgrund,

Ihr Haupt nur wiegt ein lieblicher Gedanke hin und her!

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was a German writer, pictorial artist, biologist, theoretical physicist, and polymath. He is considered the supreme genius of modern German literature. His works span the fields of poetry, drama, prose, philosophy, and science


“The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak

Finished the book in tears.

It’s a small story, about: a girl, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist fighter, and quite a lot of thievery. Death is recalling the story and Death will be the one to visit Liesel three times.  During the second World War,  Death has never been busier. People dying on both sides – the English, the Russians, the Germans sent to fight on foreign fronts and Jews.

Mass extermination is well known and all I could think of when reading this book is how could it be, that now, in the 21st century, there are people that still think that Second World War never happened and the Holocaust is a massive conspiracy. You don’t believe me? Just google it and you’ll be surprised what some people believe…

With this in mind, thread carefully into to the book and the life and adventure of Liesel as she goes to her new adoptive family on Himmel street.


Book Reviews

The book thief – the story of the second world war from the eyes of a German girl

Duden Dictionary Meaning #1

Zufriedenheit – happiness: coming from happy – enjoying pleasure and contentment. Related words: joy, gladness, fortunate, prosperous.

I am slowly falling in love with this book. I have it in paperback format but I could never bring myself to open it. I have seen the movie a few years back and I thought, when I start reading this, I need to make it count. It’s a book about war, oppression, hurt and anger and a girl of thirteen stuck in the middle of it. It’s about guilt and death and Jews being killed and people dying.


I hardened myself with resolve and got the audiobook for it to listen in the car on the way to work and back. And my surprise came when I fell in love with the character, when I saw that Death was the one telling the story and when love and friendship took a greater part of the book than the sour notes. I cried so many times (and it’s kinda dangerous when you are going 50 down the back lanes of England) and I don’t want this book to end. Even now I can feel it pulling me in.



Everything you need to know about Berlin

Berlin brings to one’s min the great divide (or wall) that divided the city into two different political entities. However, the new rejuvenated and reunited Berlin is marching ahead into the future post millennium. It is casting itself as the most important new and modernistic city of Continental Europe.

Berlin’s dark past as Hitler’s capital of Nazi atrocities and as the capital of Cold War in the later years, has not escaped the psyche of the local population or the visitors. The popular opinion says that Berliners do not know where they are going, but know their past, and do not want to go back there. After being completely annihilated in the WW II bombings, Berlin has since optimistically rebuilt itself as a modern structure of glass and steel.