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Alice – Christina Henry Book Review

“Careful, this white rabbit will lead you on a psychotic journey through the bowels of magic and madness. I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the ride.”

A mind-bending new novel inspired by the twisted and wondrous works of Lewis Carroll…

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The Spirit Thief (The Legend of Eli Monpress #1) by Rachel Aaron

Eli Monpress is talented. He’s charming. And he’s a thief.

But not just any thief. He’s the greatest thief of the age – and he’s also a wizard. And with the help of his partners – a swordsman with the most powerful magic sword in the world but no magical ability of his own, and a demonseed who can step through shadows and punch through walls – he’s going to put his plan into effect.

The first step is to increase the size of the bounty on his head, so he’ll need to steal some big things. But he’ll start small for now. He’ll just steal something that no one will miss – at least for a while.

Like a king.

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Fate’s Forsaken – Poison (Prequel)

Years before the Whispering War, there was a girl named Olivia. Her family murdered, her home destroyed — a darkness she can’t control. Olivia has never quite fit in amongst the lords and ladies of the seas… but things are about to get worse. Forced into the service of a powerful enemy, she must use her gifts to kill.

The darkness grows fiercer with every step; each murder drags her closer to edge of villainy. Only one force in the Kingdom might have the power to save her, but she knows it’s too late. Olivia has already fallen to the darkness — into the jaws of a monster she calls The Poison.

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The Unnoticeables by Robert Brockway Book Review

I read this little 300+ page book on a 4h flight from Athens and I loved every minute. I’m trying now to figure out why I loved it as when I’m trying to articulate the subject of the book in my mind, it sounds like an absolute mess.

I dreamed I was floating on a sea of breasts. Just coasting from one boob to another, completely free and unhinged from society. It was majestic.

Hear me out.

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Bound Together – Christine Feehan

“Not happening,” he said, his voice low, terse. He was angry, but not at any of his brothers. At himself. He’d chosen a path and one by one they had followed him. His path had led straight to hell. “We don’t have time to argue. We knew walking into this it was a trap. Nothing has changed.”

Well, this book is not happening for me. I accidentally stumbled upon the last book in a series (again) and I tried, I really tried to like it.

Viktor, comes to the village of Sea Haven, and his arrival heralds a huge change – and imminent danger – for Blythe Daniels as well as the other residents of the community, including the Drake sisters.

Blythe met Victor while he was uncover tracking her step-father, a pedophile. They enjoyed a brief but happy courtship and were soon married. After killing her stepfather, Viktor had to disappear, however he left detailed instructions on how to get in touch with him. Unfortunately Blythe never receives his letter and thinks she has been forsaken.

After a five year separation with no contract, they meet again while Viktor is undercover. Viktor is ready to reclaim his wife. Blythe after being deserted and spending so much time alone is not ready to fall back into Viktor’s arms especially when she realizes he returned for a job, not her, plus he expects her to accept not only him, but his adopted family.

The book didn’t do anything for me except for some *cough* interesting *cough* scenes.



Good bits: the novels seem to have quite a following and some people really liked them

Bad bits: cast of characters is huge. Almost half the book is spent describing horrific child abuse and rape.  The author in the past has said that she is trying to bring “These issues” and women’s issues to light but this is over the top. A romantic suspense novel is not the appropriate place for her to explore these issues.

And I really don’t know what women get off on men calling them Babe and Baby all the time.


About the author:

New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan has had over thirty novels published and has thrilled legions of fans with her seductive Dark Carpathian tales. She has received numerous honours throughout her career, including being a nominee for the Romance Writers of America’s RITA and receiving a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times , and has been published in multiple languages and in many formats, including audio book, ebook and large print.v

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Unquenchable Fire by Rachel Pollack

I tried so hard to make this book work, but I stopped after like 45 pages. I usually try to give sci-fi a good third of the book before quitting, but this on is just too confusing. She takes so many basic concepts so far from their original meanings that it’s hard to get anywhere. I definitely love pushing boundaries, but some sacrifices have to made for the sake of comprehension.


Sit back and imagine if Nietzsche wrote religious fantasy. The basic plot is of a young-ish woman who has religious experiences in a future world where secular religion is considered pseudo, and current religion is based on parables/”Pictures” told by the Tellers. The Founders are similar to “real” saints. It was very distracting to have to read the many odd parables or random streams of consciousness about lions, snakes, and chocolate chip cookies

Stephen King

Lisey’s Story * Stephen King Book Review

You’re good for the ones you love. You want to be good for the ones you love, because you know that your time with them will end up being too short, no matter how long it is.

Have you ever read a story which stayed with you well after the book was put down? A story about loss and love and a bit of a magical world that only writers can create?
Well Lisey’s story is this one. I think Stephen King wrote it with his wife, Tabitha, in mind – and envisioned a future where he would be dead and she would be left to pick up the pieces.


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Empty Throne Book 2 – Those Below

Here comes the sequel and final book in the Empty Throne series by Daniel Polansky. While book 1 acted more like a scene setter and character introduction, book 2 takes the plot (very slowly) and gives it a twist and a turn and a satisfying conclusion. The last 10 pages of the book were the most interesting I’ve read in all 300+!

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Empty Throne Book 1 – Those Above

Twenty five years ago mankind mustered an army and rose up against them, only to be slaughtered in a terrible battle. Hope died that day, but hatred survived. Whispers of another revolt are beginning to stir in the hearts of the oppressed: a woman, widowed in the war, who has dedicated her life to revenge; the general, the only man to ever defeat one of Those Above in single combat, summoned forth to raise a new legion; and a boy killer who rises from the gutter to lead an uprising in the capital.

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The Devil and the Deep by Julie Ann Walker (and a bit of sex science)

I love how sometimes life throws a curve-ball at you and you’re just sitting in your car grinning like an idiot while listening an audiobook about a woman’s sensual lips and an “engorged shaft”. I’ve never read anything by Julie Ann Walker before and I had no idea what the book I picked up was about. I was going in blind.
Sometimes I get lucky and I pick up a book that surprises me and I get a new favourite author like it happened with The Woman Before Me * Ruth Dugdall – Book Review but sometimes you get one that’s more in the Fifty Shades variety of written porn for the bored hausfrau.