Stephen King

Stephen King – If It Bleeds

With all of the craziness currently going on in the world, it seemed like we all needed some good news, and none other than Stephen King himself has stepped up to the plate.

Originally set to be released in early May, King’s new compendium hit the shelves on April 28th 2020.…

Stephen King

Cell * Stephen King

If you ever wondered whether Stephen King attempted to write another amazing epic since “The Stand” that features a virus outbreak and mass-destruction of human society, “Cell” is the answer.

Except the “Amazing” part. Cell fell short of the epic story involving Captain Trips and resembled more the first season of “The Walking Dead”.…

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The Colorado Kid * Stephen King Short Story

GW226H176.jpgThe premise of the story is quite simple. One mysterious dead body, a set of newspapermen trying to find clues as to who’s done it and more importantly, how it was done. It’s a tale about mystery and the way to explain it and was adapted into a TV show called “Haven” (which by my humble opinion was a lot better)

A mystery with no resolution plain and simply pisses people off.…