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Orson Scott Card – Magic Street

Did you ever think that a white author like Orson Scott Card could nail writing a compelling black character in a story set in the 2000’s in America – a tale about a magical child and race and belonging in the suburbs. Black cops, white victims, black kids not quite rich, not quite poor.

It was interesting to say the least. Not like The Hate U Give but still very interesting.

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The Room by Jonas Karlsson * Book Review

I don’t think I have been so intrigued about a book in a long time. Following You – Caroline Kepnes Book Review and Hidden Bodies, I think I developed a sort of a taste for the life adventures of a psychopath. Or in this specific case, a person with so few social skills it makes the recluse Loch Ness Monster look like a Miami socialite 🙂

The best way to prove this is from this lovely conversation started with the receptionist:

“My name’s Margareta, by the way.” “Oh,” I said, then thought that I ought to say something more. She looked as if she were expecting a reply, but what could I say? What could I possibly have to say about her name? Her name was Margareta. Okay. Good. Nice name.”

It’s the story of an office clerk working in Sweeden. He’s self-obsessed, slightly narcisistic, can’t take any form of disagreement and is compulsive about order (be it how his colleague’s papers keep creeping on his desk or how people’s jackets don’t seem to be as neat and tidy as his).

“Her skirt was nice, but she was wearing a dull-colored blouse that wasn’t at all attractive. I’d have to remember to tell her not to wear it when she was with me if the two of us were going to get together, I thought”

Bjorn devised an image in his own mind of how he wants to be portrayed.

It probably didn’t sit well with the accepted image of a newcomer, but it fit with the reputation for ambition and tough tactics that I was happy to help spread about myself.

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Zombie Candy and an interview with Frederick Lee Brooke

This book has all the ingredients of a perfect noir comedy – well formed characters, international locations, a fast moving plot with no brakes, and of course zombies. Revenge is a dish best served cold – and as a betrayed wife, master chef and cookery instructor, Candace cooks up the perfect recipe for the ultimate gazpacho