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Oprah * A (Crap) Biography By Kitty Kalley

I understand why the unauthorized biography raises the hackles of its subjects, for it means an independent presentation of their lives, irrespective of their demands and decrees. It is not bended-knee biography. It does not genuflect to fame or curtsy to celebrity, and powerful public figures, accustomed to deference, quite naturally resist the scrutiny that such a biography requires. Oprah Winfrey was no exception.


Look at that lovely predatory smile. Look at those cold and calculating eyes. I hate biographies written by someone else other than the person who lived it. Unless you’re BoJack Horseman. He can have it done. Kitty Kelley banked on Oprah’s massive popularity to write her book and cash in on the back of the famous.

I was curious, so I borrowed my friend’s copy (I did not want to purchase my own copy) and I had a read.