Are You Courageous? Check Your Third House

Karma is irrevocable, whether you like it or not, it heralds you through a maze of impediments, joys, howlers, achievements, humiliating situations, etc.

You may be tired of needless and fruitless journeys. You almost become a neurotic, through overbearing sisters or brothers. Often you overestimate intentions of your friends and get into an awkward position. Opportunists call you a coward! Your hissing and groans are heard on the other side of the phone. Your well wishers play with your pride and prestige! The killjoy tenant on ground floor warns you of that stench emanating from your toilet right on his head?


The scales in Egypt – Origin of Libra

First stop on the soul’s trip was the Halls of Ma’ati, where the dead person’s heart would be weighed on a two-armed scale of the kind used in Ancient Egypt for weighing gold and jewels.

Ma’ati meant Double Ma’at — double not in the evil-twin sense of “double,” but in the times-two sense — double strength. As for Ma’at, she was a goddess, sometimes pictured as two goddesses, or a pair of twins — teenage twins, with wings on their shoulders and ostrich feathers in their headdresses.images

She was one of the presiding deities at the weighing of the heart, the others being jackal-headed Anubis, who did the actual weighing, and ibis-headed Thoth, moon god and thus, in a society that used the lunar calendar, the god of time. He  was also the god of measurements and numbers and astronomy and engineering skills, and in addition he was a supernatural scribe or clerk. In heart-weighing scenes, he’s often shown with his wax tablet at the ready and his stylus poised, just as a scribe would have been present at a real-life gold-weighing to record the results. 


The origin of the Libra constelation

22581c0f79c025255ddac6fea1fe3c0dThe constellation is Libra, the scales or balance, and as a present-day zodiac sign it rules from September 23 to October 22. One explanation of its name is that it rises at the time of the autumnal equinox, when the day and the night are of equal length, a balance being a device for determining equivalents. A more questionable interpretation is that it appeared at harvest time, when farmers were weighing their produce for marketing purposes.  


Where are the Nine Planets ? by Prof. P S Sastri

WE OFTEN speak of nine planets and we have the mantras and stotras for the nine planets. In Sanskrit the word graha means a planet which has a gravitational pull (Graha), the power to attract. The constellations of our zodiac are called Nakshatras. The others are called stars (tara). What are the nine planets ? The Sun is a star, not a planet. As the “Aditya Hridaya” taught by Agastya to Sri Rama observes: Nakshatra graha taranam adhipah.


Astrology and the search for True Love by Dr Suresh Sharma

Sunsets, walks, talks, drives in the countryside, holding hands candle-light dinners, soft music. It’s all part of romance. Just the sound of the word rouses hopes and recalls memories. There is a longing for romance in most of us. After romance, the logical progression is to love. Above all else, that’s what we call desire – to love and to be loved.

How do I love theeWhat are the astrological factors for love and romance ?
1. If the 7th house be occupied by Venus or aspected by Venus, the native assumes love is a feeling, a tingling emotion. Moreover, he feels, it is a physical attraction for a member of the opposite sex. His/her perception of love and romance comes from music, novels, television or movies. Sometimes he says, the portrayed romance of the silver screen is a far cry from the responsibilities of real life.
2. If the 7th house is occupied by Sun or aspected by Sun – then the native says, love is thoughtfulness, concern, sensitivity to the need of another. With this combinations – young man and woman begin to see each other and become romantically attracted it often follows, they start to tell each other, I love you. And he lust after her. But the truth of the matter is, that is what so much young love is lust. It is self- ingratiating. It is for one’s own sexual pleasure.
3. True love grows when 7th house is occupied by Mars or is aspected by Mars. Growing love was once expressed sin the words of popular song, ‘I love your more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow”.
4. Great love of act is indicated by Moon – in the 7th house. With this factor he or she moves tears and appeared to be very much in love. He had taken her as his wife to care for her – to love her.
5. Happier marriages or stronger families can be produced by Jupiter in 7th house or if it is aspected by the same planet. With this combination real love is concern and action towards other all of the time – not just in one time heroic act.

Besides astrological factors, what are the powerful words ?
When the singing, dancing and excitement of such a life style subsides, there is nothing left. Unhappiness and sorrow are the only lasting fruits of romance without love. In order to find love, you first have to be giving love. When you really love others, your time, thoughts, energies and efforts are directed towards them. This is the living and dynamic law.

(Courtesy: “Planets & Forecast”, Dec., 1989.)


Mutual Relations in Astrology

by L R Chawdhri

In day-to-day life we find that some persons disturb you, attract you, hate you or annoy you for no reasons. So question arises why people should have such impact on you. Let us analyse this question in a methodical way through astrology.
Mutual harmony between two persons of the same sex, opposite sex, partners and in couples or lovers determines mutual attraction, harmony and adaptability between the two and can be checked astrologically through their horoscopes by the analysis of their Sun and Moon signs and their Ascendants.

rashi(1)Sun Signs (Nirayana System)
1. Aries Sun Signs will have harmonious relations with persons having Leo and Sagittarius Sun Sign and likewise.
2. Taurus with Capricorn, Virgo or Cancer.
3. Gemini with Aquarius or Libra.
4. Cancer with Pisces, Scorpio or Taurus.
5. Leo with Sagittarius or Aries.
6. Virgo with Capricorn or Taurus.
7. Libra with Aquarius or Gemini.
8. Scorpio with Cancer and Pisces.
9. Sagittarius with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
10. Capricorn with Taurus, Virgo and Libra.
11. Aquarius with Aries, Gemini and Libra.
12. Pisces with Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio.


Sign-tips to Beauty from your astrological ascendant

by Maitreyee

Are you beautiful ? What does your mirror say ? Perhaps you have a beautiful face but your shoulder stoops. That can really detract from your looks. Or your teeth ? Do they need to be straightened ? Well, if you are in your teens, that can be done. But what if you are past thirty-five ?

Stop worrying about your physical drawbacks. Instead learn to highlight your plus points and overcome your drawbacks. Depending upon your Ascendant you are bound to have something good somewhere in your appearance. Identify it and set about emphasizing that.


Saturn and problems with delayed marriage in Indian culture

by R M Banerjee
Delayed marriage is one of the most pressing problems which riddles the modern society of India. Whatever be the social, economic, educational and demographic reasons behind this malaise, there is no denial of the fact that practicing astrologers and columnists in astrological magazine are being continuously pestered with questions from anxious parents who are very eager to see their sons and daughters matrimonially settled in life. When eligible young boys and girls, in spite of their best efforts, fail to get suitable match for them, they rush to astrologers out of desperation for relief and advice.
In this small article, an attempt has been made to show, with the help of practical examples that Saturn is the main planet behind most of the cases on delayed marriages. Though there may be other planets playing their roles in this specific context are more or less of contributory nature aggravating the basic trend set by Saturn in a birth chart.


Astrology and Family Planning by V M Natu

During the last few years while concentrating on study of medical astrology, some details have been collected by me from different sources which are useful considering family planning by astrology and have been penned down in this article.


Practical Approach towards Heart Diseases

by Mridula Trivedi
The human heart lies in the fourth part of the body and hence it is represented by the fourth house of the horoscope. The Sun is the main significator of heart. In other words the Sun is the heart of Kaala Purusha. Sun is the source of energy and indicates oxygen too. The heart energizes the impure blood after pouring oxygen into it. So affliction of Sun plays main role in the disease of heart. Affliction of the fourth house also causes diseases of chest. A proper and careful judgment can reveal whether it is a heart disease provided biological knowledge of human body is in the mind of the astrologer at the time of judgment of the horoscope.
The general rule of Astrology that a planet, who is a Karaka or significator of a certain house if located in that house, becomes very dangerous, particularly in case of affliction, association or aspects of malefic planets.
Cancer is a watery sign and also indicates fluid in which the heart is enclosed. Cancer indicates veins too. So afflictions of Cancer sign, fourth house and Sun indicate heart troubles.