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Beauty’s Punishment * Anne Rice

The claiming of the sleeping beauty was the first book of this sex-filled trilogy and I must say, when it comes to BDSM and really explicit sex scenes, Anne Rice is way better than E.L. James with her 50 Shades of Wayyy no.

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty as we know her

Writing under a pseudonym (A. N. Roquelaure), Anne Rice went through and made a whole new story starting from the fairy tale of the Sleeping Beauty. In her version though, she gets awoken by a prince only to be taken to his kingdom as a sex slave and receive sex training in the Pleasure Rooms in the palace. Here she falls in love with another sex slave of the queen called Alexei and with a disobedient one called Tristan. She made a mistake and she had to be punished alongside Tristan and send to perform humiliating tasks in the nearby village as the lowest of the lowest of sex slaves.
Tristan becomes a “pony” for the court chronicler’s carriage, having to trot around bound and gagged and with a horse’s tail coming out of his bottom.

Was it worse than trotting with anxious breaths, my head and my hips pulled inexoraby forward, my sore flesh reanimated by the long, loud snapping behind me? I couldn’t really see my Master. But with every lick, I saw him as he had been last night, and the ease with which he tormented me again astonished me. I had never dreamed it would stop because of our embraces. But for it to be intensified like this… I felt suddenly some awesome sense of the depth of submission he wanted from me.

And Beauty becomes a maid in an inn where she is paddled for fun by the mistress and used by the King’s Guard as entertainment.

Mistress Lockley lifted a white leather belt and showed it to Beauty, like a tongue extending from her hand. And gathering Beauty’s left breast from the top in her left fingers, she bunched the flesh and plumped it as Beauty felt the warmth suffusing her bosom. Beauty couldn’t keep quiet. And the moisture between her legs trickled down into the crack of her buttocks. Her spread-eagle body strained in vain to close itself.

“My little girl at the Sign of the Lion, Beauty, is the same,” the Captain said. “A naked ravenous soul that foments the passion in me dangerously.”

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Blood Canticle (The Vampire Chronicles) by Anne Rice

Lestat is back with a vengeance and in thrall to Rowan Mayfair. Both demon and angel, he is drawn to kill but tempted by goodness as he moves among the pantheon of Anne Rice’s unforgettable characters. Julien Mayfair, his tormentor; Rowan, witch and neurosurgeon, who attracts spirits to herself, casts spells on others and finds herself dangerously drawn to Lestat; Patsy, country and western singer, who was killed by Quinn Blackwood and dumped in a swamp; Ash Templeton, a 5,000 year old Taltos whose genes live on in the Mayfairs. Now, Lestat fights to save Patsy’s ghost from the dark realms of the Earthbound, to uncover the mystery of the Taltos and to decide the fate of Rowan Mayfair. Both of Anne Rice’s irresistible realms – the worlds of Blackwood Farm and the Mayfair Witches – collide as Lestat struggles between his lust for blood and the quest for life, between gratification and redemption.

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Anne Rice * Blackwood Farm Book Review

From the Vampire Chronicles comes this wonderful book about Tarquin Blackwood, the last heir to the Blackwood fortune and young master of Blackwood farm and how he’s become a vampire, in love with one of the Mayfair witches and tortured by a spirit called Goblin.

The book is wonderful (maybe because of its narcissism, self-obsession that is so specific to Anne Rice’s vampires) and also due to the setting in the Southern part of US. The young Tarquin writes to Lestat to inform him of his becoming a vampire and upon his arrival, proceeds in telling him his entire history (from moment of birth) to the moment that he met Mona Mayfair.

Picture 019
Blackwood farm

Welcome to Blackwood Farm: soaring white columns, spacious drawing rooms, bright, sun-drenched gardens, and a dark strip of the dense Sugar Devil Swamp. This is the world of Quinn Blackwood, a brilliant young man haunted since birth by a mysterious doppelgänger, “Goblin,” a spirit from a dream world that Quinn can’t escape and that prevents him from belonging anywhere. When Quinn is made a Vampire, losing all that is rightfully his and gaining an unwanted immortality, his doppelgänger becomes even more vampiric and terrifying than Quinn himself.
As the novel moves backwards and forwards in time, from Quinn’s boyhood on Blackwood Farm to present day New Orleans, from ancient Athens to 19th-century Naples, Quinn seeks out the legendary Vampire Lestat in the hope of freeing himself from the spectre that draws him inexorably back to Sugar Devil Swamp and the explosive secrets it holds.
A story of youth and promise, of loss and the search for love, of secrets and destiny, Blackwood Farm is Anne Rice at her mesmerizing best.


Blackwood farm -Why I loved Tarquin Blacwood from the mouth of Lestat

“All right,” he said. “Here comes the litany of reasons I didn’t kill you. I like you. I like that you have a woman’s lineaments and a man’s body, a boy’s curious eyes and a man’s large easy gestures, a child’s frank words and a man’s voice, a blundering manner and an honest grace.”


I am Ophelia once again * Quote

She lay back on the pillows next to me. ‘I am Ophelia once again,’ she said. ‘I am floating in the water, with only “nettles, daisies and long purples” to hold me up, and I will never sink to “muddy death.” You can’t imagine how it is with me.’
” ‘How so?’ I asked. ‘I see you borne along forever, vital, precious, oh, so sweet –.’ I tried to stay awake, to listen to her.
” ‘Go on, sleep. Men want to sleep when it’s over. Women want to talk, at least sometimes. I am Ophelia drifting in “the weeping brook,” so light, so sure, “or like a creature native and endued unto that element.”

Anne Rice – Blackwood Farm

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Violin * Anne Rice – Book review

I usually like Anne Rice books and I was truly enthralled by the Chronicles of the Vampires and the Mayfair witches series. I even liked one of her older books – Belinda. I can’t say I liked “Violin”. Written in 1996, it cannot be seen as a timeless book as some of the issues are specific from that era – fear of AIDS, death from AIDS, fear of losing the body shape and growing old. Some of the other themes are common – squabble within a family over inheritance, money issues and the life of a wealthy widow.


Violin Excerpt * The sea – Anne Rice

I dreamed of the sea by the full light of the sun, but such a sea I’d never known.
The land was a great cradle in which this sea moved, as the sea at Waikiki or along the coast south of San Francisco. That is, I could see distant arms of land to left and right, reaching out desperately to contain this water.


But what a fierce and glistening sea it was, and under such a huge and pure sun, though the sun itself I couldn’t see, only the light of it. The great waves came rolling in, curling, full of green light for one instant before they broke and then each wave did a dance-a dance-I’d never witnessed.
A great frothy foam came from each dying wave, but this foam broke into great random peaks, as many as six to eight for one wave, and these peaks looked like nothing so much as people-people made of the glistening bubbles of the foam-reaching out for the real land, for the beach, for the sun above perhaps.

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Blood and Gold * Anne Rice

Bianca_vampireEnter an era spanning over 1000 years, watching over the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the rise of Constantinople, ranging from Venice, Italy to St. Petersburg, Russia and then to Germany. See the story of Marius, the vampire, and his search of his lost love, Pandora, while keeping watch over “Those who must be kept”. See the creation of the Vampire Armand and Bianca the lovely.

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Story of a breakup

Marius is patrician by birth, scholar by choice and one of the oldest vampires of them all. When the Visigoths sack his city, Marius is there; with the resurgence of the glory of Rome, he is there, still searching for his lost love Pandora. So prevalent is Marius that it is he who gives the dark gift to the illustrious vampire Armand.


The painful story of a breakup * Blood and Gold

“But Bianca, what has it always been with you and me but harmony? Think of our long years when we dwelt in the shrine, and went out on the night winds where I could carry us. Think of the quiet between us, or the long conversations in which I talked of so many things and you listened. Could two beings have been closer than we were?”

She bowed her head. She didn’t answer.

“And these last years,” I pleaded. “Think of all the pleasures we have shared, our secretive hunting in the forests, our visits to the country festivals, our quiet attendance in the great cathedrals when the candles burn and the choirs sing, our dancing at the Court Balls. Think of all of it.”

“I know, Marius,” she said. “But you lied to me. You didn’t tell me why we were coming to Dresden.”

“I confess, it’s true. Tell me what I can do to make up for it?”

“Nothing, Marius,” she answered. “I’m going.”

Art Excerpts

Botticelli – The Lamentation over the death of Christ

In the Church of San Paolino, I found an altarpiece which was to drive me mad. The subject of the painting was a common one, I had discovered, usually called The Lamentation, being the scene of those weeping over the body of the dead Christ only just taken down from the Cross.maxresdefault