Secret of the Ages Short Motivational Poem

You can do as much as you think you can,
But you’ll never accomplish more;
If you’re afraid of yourself, young man,
There’s little for you in store.
For failure comes from the inside first,
It’s there, if we only knew it,
And you can win, though you face the worst,
If you feel that you’re going to do it.

–Excerpt from “The Secret of the Ages” (1926)

Book Reviews

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are So You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be – Rachel Hollis

In a world that can appear to demean women, empowering them can have many benefits in securing women to be healthy participants in society. However, it is more important for women to empower themselves against some of the tough challenges they may face.

Founder of the lifestyle website and CEO of her own media company, Chic Media, Rachel Hollis has created an online fan base of hundreds of thousands of fans by sharing tips for living a better life while fearlessly revealing the messiness of her own. Now comes her highly anticipated first book featuring her signature combination of honesty, humor, and direct, no-nonsense advice.

Growing Up

Self-defence nerve centres do’s and don’ts

be5eaec6141836167160842992_700wa_0I know I’ve been talking about self-defense – which is essential for every woman to know from a young age.

Hit hard, hit fast, hit often’ and the attacker is likely to leave and look for an easier target.

There are different things you can do when faced when an assailant of either the same size as you or a greater size.  There are different responses to different attacks and you should never retaliate with more force needed (ie, do not strike a killing blow for a pat on the bum).

You all know about hitting a person’s nose (you can chop it or punch it with a close fist) and the blood will disorient them enough for a run. Don’t sit and fight ladies!

If you are already in close to an assailant, this is an excellent target.

DO NOT step in close to hit at the nose if you are out of fist-hitting range! 


Awe is TNT for the soul.

WONDER IS A blasting cap. It is an emotion that goes off with a bang, shattering settled beliefs, rattling the architecture of the mind, and clearing space for new ideas, new possibilities. Wonder is often thought of as a peaceful emotion, a sense of  resounding inner quiet. Of course we would associate it with silence. The world always assumes an eerie hush after an explosion.

 Awe is TNT for the soul.

Whatever your sexual orientation, whatever your ethnicity, whatever your age or personal experiences, it is my hope you will find a hero somewhere here you can relate to, that speaks to the world as you see it.


The art of coping with loneliness

For the vast majority, loneliness is an inevitable and painful part of life. Do not spend your days thinking of happier times. Focus on the reality of your life here and now. It can be positive and healthy to embrace and explore your loneliness.

Learning to be alone, and knowing how to cope with it, are important. In the empty silence of your loneliness you can discover your deepest self.2214e2a88eb1e39a431b612453d429cc

Growing Up

Using a Credit Card

Using a credit card to work up a huge debt is probably the easiest thing a young adult can do. Reasons unknown, all of us feel more comfortable handling a credit card than handling cash.

Poor-Credit-LoansHigh credit card debt results in heavy and perpetual losses until the debt is nullified, because the interest rates on credit card debt are unusually higher than normal loans. One ends up losing more money paying interests than that has been spent, not to mention the repercussions on credit rating when one fails to meet up with the payments. These debt traps can actually be used for your benefit if you follow a little prudence and the following tips:

Keeping in mind the interest rates transfer you balances to the lowest rate card where you might get a 0% or lowest possible rate or some period of time.

Growing Up

How to repair your bad credit in the new year

Bad credit stands for poor credit rating in any type of loan facility. Poor credit history can always reject the borrower to have loan facility in any point of time when it comes to the part of conservative lenders such as banks.

But in these days bad credit is no more creating any overwhelming trouble for the people in borrowing money because many lending institutions come forward with various loan facilities even with bad credit so that you don’t need to make any pledge any type of asset as collateral security for your loan.

Taking bad credit facility you just have to pay off loan with higher interest rate than the borrower having good credit loan facility as from the part of lenders giving loan with bad credit is always more risky than with good credit.

Growing Up

Financing your education

One of the most important decisions you can make in your life is how to pay for your education. Education as you may know is a very big thing for all of us. It is the key to our success. But, oftentimes this “big thing” is ignored because of financial problems. Thanks to some schools and institutions out there that financing your education can now be made possible. However, just as you investigate which schools have the best programs for you; it is still necessary that you gather information about how best to finance your education and your future.



Self improvement advice

What would you do if you are trapped in an environment that you do not want to be in? What if you are sick and tired of your job?

Self Improvement Wordle
Self Improvement Wordle

If only self improvement advice were free and scattered around everywhere, then there will be no problem regarding life, happiness and success. But then again, this is life. And it does not work that way.
What would you do if you are trapped in an environment that you do not want to be in? What if you are sick and tired of your job?
What can we do to solve this dilemma?
It is possible to take inspired and motivated action to survive your present situation and live the life you always dreamed of.
It is not that easy though. You will have to come out of your comfort zones to discover potentials and opportunities waiting for you. You have to conquer your fear and take calculated risks. You have to stay focused and persevere despite the difficulties you will encounter.
Success does not come easy. It takes heart, passion and time. Experience is also a factor. The learning you get everybody becomes your foundation. These are the things we do not need to pay for.
You have to work harder, dig deeper, and sacrifice more to attain your ambitions. But no, you do not have to hate the world and feel bad when you encounter difficult situation. Just remember the Law of Attraction. If you hate the world, the world will hate you back.
What can you do? Below are some free advices to help you when facing difficult situations in life. They will also serve as your guide to improve yourself.
1. Learn to love your current situation. See all the positive sides of life. Be enthusiastic. Love your boss, your coworkers, your family, your friends, and even strangers that you meet on the streets.
It may not be easy, but nothing is impossible with a strong will power. Just do not fall in love so much that you totally forget about your dreams. Love, but try to hold on to reality.
2. Balance is the key. Dream and take some positive action to move you toward your goals. Take it one step at a time.
While you are slowly starting on the long journey to success, be patient and be as enthusiastic as possible. Do not hurry up too much that you totally forget how to enjoy life. Appreciate the beautiful things you will encounter on the journey.
One day, you will finally attain what you have always longed for. But when that day comes, do not look down on those who belittled you. Forgive and forget.
3. Stay humble. Do not criticize others when you see that you are becoming more successful than they are. Try to help them. Inject your positive aura into their personalities. When you give, you will yield back equal or greater rewards.
4. Are you ready to begin the journey? Start it with the courage and desire to improve your life. Survive and go through it with persistence, enthusiasm, and positive thinking. Finish it with a resounding bang of accomplishment and with the desire to help others succeed as well.
There are many other self improvement advice that will get as you get on with your daily life. Take note that you are not alone. There are others in much more difficult situations. That is why is there will be a shortage of free advice about self improvement you can get from other people who are only too happy to help.