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vegeta_and_bulma_s_love_by_veropuzzle-d4hhyz2By: PinChajta
Over the past week, Bulma had caught Yamucha cheating on her while she was out and about. She drowned herself in tears, locked away in her bedroom. She snuggled herself in her giant plush, tear-soaked pillows.

Vegeta was in his gravity capsule, pushing himself to the limits.…


Vegeta's sanctuary

Lightning flickered through the black clouds as I slowly headed back to the place I reluctantly called home. The moisture in the air was thick and as I flew it dampened my spandex suit, making the defeat I felt heavier. I hadn’t expected the fight against Cell to end the way it did.…


Seductive Temptations

A Goku-Chichi and Bulma-Vegeta Romance with a bite

Chapter 1

She smiled, neatly folding the sheet over the line. It was late, but she just
had to finish the laundry so it would be dry by morning. She sighed wistfully;
Goku was home for the weekend to spend time with Goten and Gohan.…


What Do I Have To Do?

~ Scene: After Trunks is carried to Dende, and Vegeta flies off. ~
“Damn Namek thanking me.” Vegeta thought to himself.
“Why am I, Prince of Sayin-jins, caring about this earth?”
You make it hard to breathe.
It’s as if I’m suffocating.…


Dragon Ball – Short History

Dragonball, written by the world-renouned Akira Toriyama, is an epic story of good versus evil, comprised of a complex set of intertwined relationships. The high-speed, on-the-edge-of-your-seat action serves as the focus for those associations coming together in a variety of manners – sometimes as adversaries, sometimes as allies.…


Dragon Ball GT Bloopers


What are “bloopers?” Well, bloopers are basically plot holes and animation errors. There are quite a few in the hundreds of episodes that make up DragonBall/Z/GT and we are here with this section to document some!

[Unsolved Bloopers]

  • Healing Armor:

In the episode after Frieza spikes Krillin with his horn thing, the hole in his armor magical disappears then, in later shots, the hole is back again!…


Show Him How

By CatGirl

Chapter 1

“Damnit Vegeta!” Bulma screamed, “Why must you insist on peering over my shoulder like this? If you don’t trust me to do this properly, then either do it yourself or at least have the decency to stay out of my way!”…