The scales in Egypt – Origin of Libra

First stop on the soul’s trip was the Halls of Ma’ati, where the dead person’s heart would be weighed on a two-armed scale of the kind used in Ancient Egypt for weighing gold and jewels.

Ma’ati meant Double Ma’at — double not in the evil-twin sense of “double,” but in the times-two sense — double strength.…


The origin of the Libra constelation

22581c0f79c025255ddac6fea1fe3c0dThe constellation is Libra, the scales or balance, and as a present-day zodiac sign it rules from September 23 to October 22. One explanation of its name is that it rises at the time of the autumnal equinox, when the day and the night are of equal length, a balance being a device for determining equivalents.…


Mutual Relations in Astrology

by L R Chawdhri

In day-to-day life we find that some persons disturb you, attract you, hate you or annoy you for no reasons. So question arises why people should have such impact on you. Let us analyse this question in a methodical way through astrology.…


Saturn and problems with delayed marriage in Indian culture

by R M Banerjee
Delayed marriage is one of the most pressing problems which riddles the modern society of India. Whatever be the social, economic, educational and demographic reasons behind this malaise, there is no denial of the fact that practicing astrologers and columnists in astrological magazine are being continuously pestered with questions from anxious parents who are very eager to see their sons and daughters matrimonially settled in life.…