Hello dear girls and boys and welcome to my most treasured place of gathering.
I have had a desire to put a place online where I can have my favourite books and be able to download them anytime and also be able to share with the world how wonderful (or how awful) some books I have read were.

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It started off small, a book here, a book there but in the end it grew nice and strong like a well watered plant.
You might be wondering – why in this time of electronic equipment, should I bother reading books? Well, the answer is simple. It’s the same as watching a movie, but not any movie – one that you see the script for and then direct it with your choice of actors, lighting, settings and many more.
You might even continue the script with a Fanfiction of how it should have ended or an alternate view on what they thought and felt.
Books are like undiscovered universes, ready to be explored, they are like friends waiting for you when you return home so that they can tell you their story, they are the confort food for the brain and for the soul.
We love them all. But some are more special than others, so don’t forget to look at our TOP 10 books.

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