12 Rules of Life – A Reciprocal Arrangement – A view on Friendships Quote

Here’s something to consider: If you have a friend whose friendship you wouldn’t recommend to your sister, or your father, or your son, why would you have such a friend for yourself? You might say: out of loyalty. Well, loyalty is not identical to stupidity. Loyalty must be negotiated, fairly and honestly.

Friendship is a reciprocal arrangement.

Stephen King

Stephen King – If It Bleeds

With all of the craziness currently going on in the world, it seemed like we all needed some good news, and none other than Stephen King himself has stepped up to the plate.

Originally set to be released in early May, King’s new compendium hit the shelves on April 28th 2020.

If It Bleeds features four brand new novellas penned by King, which according to its publisher, Scribner, will “pull readers into intriguing and frightening places”. The four stories are titled Rat, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, The Life Of Chuck and the titular If It Bleeds.

King is, of course, no stranger to the novella format, with multiple Hollywood blockbusters being created on the back of the author’s shorter stories, including Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me.


The Road Excerpt by Cormac McCarthy

I’ve read The Road by Cormac McCarthy and here are some of the best quotes.

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Charles Dickens – A Tale of Two Cities

This classic and much-loved novel about the French Revolution offers deep social commentary and an intriguing cast of characters.

One of the best-selling novels of all time, Charles Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities recounts the story of Alexandre Manette, a French physician who is released from a long imprisonment on the eve of the French Revolution. As he sets out for London to find his daughter Lucie, social and political turmoil in Paris lead to the Reign of Terror. Against this backdrop, the reader is introduced to a variety of characters and storylines in both cities that are woven together to tell the story of a tumultuous era. This enduring classic showcases at its finest Dickens’s flair for creating rich detail and memorable characters.