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The cat from hell * Stephen King

Imagine if this story was called “Dog from hell” – he will kill you with his snuggle bottoms! And puppy licks! Oh wait… Stephen King did do Cujo.

Well, this story is about a fluffy kitten who kills 3 people and a hitman and then goes back to kill yet another! And the way he kills them is really “fun” as well. From less gruesome (tripping up an old lady on the stairs) to very gruesome like getting its entire body into the mouth of its victim, chocking it and then chewing its way out from the stomach)

This is grade “A” horror – with very little when it comes to the plot line.

Ex-CEO of a medical company who did research using cats as trial subjects , killing over 4000 cats/year, is attacked by a purring fluff ball. Spread in between are old wives tales of how cats steal the souls of old people and children by standing on their chests and suffocating them with their weight. And how they have 9 lives.

I really think Stephen King hates cats (and they’re sooo cute, but not when they’re covered with entrails)


The story was originally published in Cavalier magazine in two parts: the first 500 words were published in the March 1977 issue, after which a contest was held for readers to finish the story, while the conclusion of the tale, as well as the winning entry, were published in the June 1977 issue. The story was later included in King’s own 2008 collection Just After Sunset.

Ps: would you think this to be a ruthless killer?

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