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Delia’s Heart * V.C. Andrews Book Review (Book 2)

You know how it is. Sometimes you want to read a book. It can be a bad book, it can be a book that will make you think and appreciate life more. I picked up Delia’s heart curious how the tellenovella would continue. Will the Mexican Cinderella find her true love? Will her sister Sofia turn out OK? Will the gay couple find love? I was as disappointed as before. Same flat characters, same recycled plots, same lame story-telling.

tenor.gifV.C. Andrews has been dead for only twenty years. Andrew Neiderman has been writing under her name for over twice as long as VCA herself has! Doesn’t that seem wrong to you?

Hearing Delia complain about her lazy cousin turned out to be a repetitive theme in the novel. You keep hearing all the bad stuff and you never ever hear any good attributes. No human is so fully flawed as not to have a good character trait.

Why she never saw the futility of these antics, not only with me but with others, especially her teachers and her supposedly close friends, I didn’t know. She was so obviously being phony. I was tempted to tell her time and time again that she wasn’t fooling anyone with her false faces. Just be yourself, believe in yourself. And then again, I was beginning to wonder if she even had a self. Maybe she was just a mixture of this deception and that lie, a bundle of phoniness that when unraveled left nothing.

betty.gifThis sounds to me like miss Goody-two-shoes is looking down on her cousin from her upper moral ground. Judging is not a good character trait to have! It seems the author caught a whiff of the smelling deception in place here as Delia asks herself whether in an attempt to escape her tormentors she has become them..

More than once I had heard my father in conversation with other men say, “ Cuando usted se convierte como su enemigo, su enemigo ha ganado .” When you become like your enemy, your enemy has won. Was that happening to me? Was my living in this house with my aunt and my cousin turning me into a woman with a character just like theirs? Was I doing it to survive or because I had come to enjoy it?

The story is quite similar to the first book. Delia now has her own room in the house of her Aunt and she is no longer required to slave away,  her cousin keeps her pampered and even buys her a sports car. Why a normal car wouldn’t have been enough, beats me.. She goes to a private school and wins the favour of the queen bee, who is as morally corrupted as her cousin is.

“You know what I mean,” she snapped, and then smiled. “How did he rape you? And don’t try denying it. I have my sources of information, or I should say Daddy does. Well?”

“It is very painful to remember.” I looked away. Why did she want to know all this? I took a deep breath.

“He forced himself on me, held me down. It was horrible.” “Where exactly did he do that?” “Where? In the house…on the floor.” “So…you didn’t enjoy any of it?”

“No,” I said, amazed at the question. “It made me feel dirty inside and out.”

She sat back, looking a little disappointed.

She is forced into a relationship to avoid a rumour spreading that she sleeps with her gay cousin and his boyfriend. Her aunt encourages it only because of the social standing she and her family acquire for knowing a future senator.

raw (6).gifIn the mix of all of this is Fani, a mexican girl from a rich family who orchestrates a few coups to Sofia and makes sure that Delia gets a Cinderella treatment while hooking her up with Adan.

“Don’t get too high on a horse. You’ll only fall farther down. Relax. Enjoy the moment. We had some fun, and maybe we’ll have some more. I don’t like your cousin and her friends, but I don’t particularly like anyone very much in that school.” “Why not?” “I told you. They’re all too worried about being popular, accepted, important.” “Aren’t you?”

“I don’t have to worry about it. I know I am,” she said without hesitation.

Her cousin pushes Delia down the stairs when she refuses to tell her how her date was and she is immediately blamed and her cousin left to roam free (this would be bodily harm with intent to kill in any other state). Delia is taken to the hospital but still manages to attend a party with a sprained leg. Her social life is taking over and she is forgetting her roots. Delia develops a relationship with Adan who is a ladies man and sleeps with him and gets pregnant before accidentally killing him in a sailing accident. His father rescues her from a mental asylum where she was committed by her aunt after suffering a nervous breakdown.

That’s about it..

And loads of bitching about rich people and how mean rich people are how fortunate they should be and how poorly Mexicans are treated.

Still debating whether I should read “Delia’s Gift” or not to finish the series.

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