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Jessica Ruston’s Luxury Book Review

Sex, glamour, night life, sexy rollers, business tycoons and a lot of drama!

The book starts off slow (I nearly abandoned after the first 10-20 pages), but with a bit of coffee and a lot of determination, I started plowing through it and I was surprised how good it turned out to be! It’s a solid 3.5/5 🙂 So if you bought it, there is definitely a case for you to finish it! If you like Jackie Collins books, Sydney Sheldon and also some Nora Roberts, you will definitely enjoy this one!

This is the story of 4 people and a love triangle. A story about a dream of an island resort and about the rise and fall to power of the rich and famous.

Sexy, smart New Yorker Logan Barnes knew how to take what he wanted to get where he wanted to be. But you can’t win the girl, make the money and live the high life without picking up enemies along the way…

There’s only one enemy who matters, and that’s the friend Logan betrayed years ago – Nicolo Flores. He got mad, but better still he got even, waiting in the wings to pull the plug on Logan and see his fortunes come crashing down.

Now Logan’s back, in London with a perfect wife, perfect family, and the perfect jewel to crown his rebuilt hotel empire: a stunning island getaway for the truly ĂĽber-rich. Nicolo’s crazy to find a way to crush him again – but with gambling, addiction, sex and scandal all knocking on the Barnes’ family door, maybe they’ll destroy themselves before he even has a chance to…

Very much a morality tale, the crazy cast of characters are pursued by the fates just as surely as anyone in Greek Tragedy. But along the way you get wonderful clothes, delicious meals, scheming harpies, ingenues, amazing descriptions of how the uber rich enjoy themselves, and lots of plot. Really recommend for an enjoyable wallow on a winter’s night. Preferably in the bath.

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