Thinking with both minds * M Clement

I think I’m bi-polar
Maybe not emotionally,
Scratch that
But I feel like I’ve got split-personality disorder
There’s part that wants to let go
And the other part so desperately holding on

I want to look you in the eyes
and ask you what you’re doing here
I want to ask you what we are
I want to ask you if we’re just using each other
If, really, we’re just both getting a physicality that we’d otherwise be missing
Part of me wants to just let it be
And the other part so desperately wants to ask

I wonder if you think this is going to last
I wonder if we’re fooling ourselves
I wonder if what we’re doing is what should be happening
I wonder why you make me think so much

I hope you’re happy
You’re making me think
That was your goal, wasn’t it?
I hope you’re happy

I hope you’re happy
Because I wonder
if this house
is built to last
At the sign of storm
Or tidal wave
It’ll come crashing down
Should we start looking at insurance?

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