Are You Courageous? Check Your Third House

Karma is irrevocable, whether you like it or not, it heralds you through a maze of impediments, joys, howlers, achievements, humiliating situations, etc.

You may be tired of needless and fruitless journeys. You almost become a neurotic, through overbearing sisters or brothers. Often you overestimate intentions of your friends and get into an awkward position. Opportunists call you a coward! Your hissing and groans are heard on the other side of the phone. Your well wishers play with your pride and prestige! The killjoy tenant on ground floor warns you of that stench emanating from your toilet right on his head?

Well! Let us see that other side of this story!

You have arrived at a place after a short journey to take a breather, and the bloke to whom you loaned thousand bucks spots you in the crowd and returns the same with thanks. Your brother makes a trunk call, assuring you that he is coming with the money you needed for completing the slab on your new hours! Your friends make a beeline to greet you on the event of your completion of one year accident free scooter ride! Your distant relations keep making phone calls, inquiring about your new kitchen-garden project and offer their advice and services!

You are amazed at the arrival of a loan officer in person, and you are asked to sign on the dotted line while he counts cash.

Yes Sir! all above are the attributes of 3rd house in your chart. These positive and negative results depend upon the strength of the 3rd house, its lord, aspecting planets and the position of karaka Mars.

Your house of luck, i.e. 9th house is 7th from 3rd. Hence any sinister aspect from 3rd will invariably spoil 9th results. A malefic in 3rd will halt professional progress, because it is 6th from the 10th! Again the same malefic will make a dent or two in your finances, because it is second to your 2nd house in the chart. Still the same malefic in the 3rd will kill harmony in your domestic front, because it is 12th from 4th. No need to panic! This is how astrology works! You are a blessed soul if you have a right planet in right place!!

The third house stands for one’s courage and unceasing spirit, even under adverse conditions. For this reason, one should have well protected 3rd house. The Sun is praised in 3rd, since it is his Vikramasthana.

The legend is that King Vikramaditya had the most powerful Sun in his 3rd house. One becomes wealthy, and takes care of those whom he lies most, blessed with good wife and issues. The Sun should be free from all afflictions, otherwise younger brothers will face the music. But, for Gemini, the Sun in the third is his own house assures lucky co-borns. Let us put the mighty Mars in 3rd. Again he is harmful for brothers, the rule ‘Karaka Bhava Nashaya’. If Mars is exalted in the third, the native becomes a sporting personality and maintains unattached maidens and spinsters. Impish Mercury gives perseverance, thoughtfulness and one will be surrounded by friends and hangers-on. Redoubtable Jupiter in third brings in an element of miserliness. Sedate Venus when found in third, blesses one with many sisters, but the eyesight will be defective. Tardy Saturn in third finds a safe place, but harms the interests of co-borns, though one becomes wealthy and will have grandchildren. A dignified Rahu in third confers happiness, wealth, high position in life and vehicles but is not good for co-borns. Retiring Ketu in third brings in wealth through litigation, though anxieties and fears are apparent. Finally the Moon in third makes one man of few words.
The third house in any nativity represents: courage, valor, servants, relations, younger brother, short journeys, communicative skills, neighbors, writings, friends, mental caliber, correspondence, brokerage, and finally hearing problems (ear diseases) and a host of other results. When a planet there is weak, the above results suffer. One’s enthusiasm is dampened. To gain maximum benefits from other houses, this third sector’s importance should not be underestimated.

Now we will examine how third lord behaves in other houses.
First house: One is mentally and physically courageous with good conduct, followed by friends in need. Makes money through own efforts and sweat of the brow. But mind you, lagna lord and third lord should not exchange houses which may lead to khala yoga, which is bad leading to ups and downs in life. If lagna lord is found in third, mental growth is not full, education may be restricted, journeys will prove to be troublesome, one may even be tempted to have a second wife. Relatives will not be cooperative.
2nd lord in 3rd. One will be very ambitious, spends money on friends, knows how to deal with opposite sex. If Mars as 2nd lord is relegated to the 3rd, base qualities of the native will surface and a thieving tendency is found. But 3rd lord in 2nd makes one lazy and gloomy. One can take transport business and flourish.
3rd lord in 3rd is always good, to give virility and physical strength. The native is admired as good friend, and encourages good friends. Moon in 3rd makes one a kleptomaniac and creates mental imbalance. Saturn in 3rd is found to be good for longevity. 3rd is a safe place for malefics, since it is considered to be one of Upachaya houses (hidden).
3rd lord in 4th is good for material prospects, and the mind will also be polished. But the 4th lord in the 3rd is not good for parents, however the native makes a mark for himself by own efforts, and will be helpful to people other than his own.
5th lord in the 3rd is good for relations children. But the 3rd lord in the 5th gives interest in journeys like picnic spots. There is an activity and pursuits in literary field. Co-borns will be helpful.
3rd lord in 6th, the native will have interest in medical sciences. If afflicted, bad health through journeys and problems through co-borns. The native having the 6th lord in the 3rd should not participate in gang fights, nor should he enter trouble spots, because he will be the first to get injured. He will not be reliable.
If the 3rd lord is in the 7th marriages could be among known circles or close relations, but the result will not be happy. If the 7th lord occupies the 3rd, the native feels always as if he has lost something in life. They have a helpful attitude towards their relations. A malefic 7th lord may be inauspicious in the third.
3rd lord in 8th is not at all good. This is called Mriti Yoga. There will be no brothers. The native will be a weakling and enemies will overpower him. 8th lord in 3rd is equally bad. The person keeps away from relations out of hatred, has an unstable mind, can be morose in appearance and devoid of certain limb.
If the 9th lord is in the 3rd, one will have good spouse and takes care of kith and kin on all occasions. If both 3rd and 9th are occupied by malefics without any benefic aspect, the right ear will be defective. 3rd lord in 9th often brings luck through transport business if other features are favourable.
If a native has the 10th lord in the 3rd, we can count upon him. He is duty conscious and knows his job, but his maternal relationship may suffer. If the 3rd lord occupies the 10th, the native’s avocation mostly depends upon communication, or transportation business.
11th lord in 3rd gives good personality and is attached to family members.
12th lord in 3rd: There will be limited co-borns. One will be miserly. If it is a malefic one is either hated by relations or has no relations at all. When the 3rd lord is in the 12th, it makes one dull headed. If there is exchange of the 3rd and the 12th lord, it is called ‘dainya yoga’ (Daridra Yoga). There will be unavoidable expenses on co-borns, and loss in journey etc.
People dealing in big business and industries should have a strong 3rd house and well dignified 3rd lord. Benefics are weak here. However in certain cases like Jupiter in 3rd creates Vasumati Yoga, conferring wealth. Third also shows the determination of an individual. If 3rd lord or Mars (exalted or conjoined with benefic) attain a benefic navamsa the native will have number of brothers. The number of co-borns in some cases will be equal to the number of navamsas completed by 3rd bhava. There will be loss of brothers, if the lord of the navmsa tenanted by third lord is relegated to 6th house in neecha or combust To ascertain nature of co-borns, 3rd house, its lord, Mars and 3rd house from Mars should be studied. Mostly influence of Venus or Moon on 3rd gives sisters.
Malefics find a safe place in the 3rd (being upachaya house). A malefic in the 3rd aspected by another malefic or 3rd under the papakartari yoga (flanked by two malefics), brothers will not survive. The relationship between lagna lord and 3rd lord indicate, how far there will be mutual good relationship between the co-borns. 3rd lord Mars in even signs and even navamsas aspected by feminine planets, confers sisters.
Third house is intimately connected with neck region in our body. The 3rd lord Mercury and one of Nodes combination or malefic association will invariable create neck pains or even Cervical Spondilitis. In some cases throat and ear diseases are known. 3rd house represents the right year. Mercury, Sun and Saturn combination will give ear diseases (either 3rd or 11th house). A combust 3rd lord will create ear problems. Moon and Mars combination in the 3rd also creates hearing problems. (Mars causes inflammations). An afflicted 3rd house without benefic aspects will invariably create some problems in hearing.

(Courtesy: Express Star Teller, August, 1994)

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