Sign-tips to Beauty from your astrological ascendant

by Maitreyee

Are you beautiful ? What does your mirror say ? Perhaps you have a beautiful face but your shoulder stoops. That can really detract from your looks. Or your teeth ? Do they need to be straightened ? Well, if you are in your teens, that can be done. But what if you are past thirty-five ?

Stop worrying about your physical drawbacks. Instead learn to highlight your plus points and overcome your drawbacks. Depending upon your Ascendant you are bound to have something good somewhere in your appearance. Identify it and set about emphasizing that.

Beautiful-Indian-Bridal-Makeup-Looks-For-Girls-012Planets aspecting or otherwise influencing your Ascendant do qualify the basic highlight of your birth-sign. So, read these tips along with your birth-chart to bring out your best physical assets.

Aries: You have a wide and broad forehead. Comb back your hair to give yourself that appearance of nobility and intellectualism. Your chin is small, so give it a broad look using lighter tints of face-powder and foundation.

Taurus: Your throat sticks out. It could be long and graceful like a swan’s. Use jewelry to accentuate the beauty of your neck.

Gemini: The third sign of the zodiac, you have limbs tat are long and slim. You fingers and finger-nails are well formed. Soft tints of nail-polish, toe-rings, anklets could bring out the perfection in your limbs.

Cancer: Your waistline can be an artist’s delight. So well formed is it. But you do enjoy good food and that is when you mess up Nature’s gift to you. Watch your food and flaunt your girdle.

Leo: You have a slim figure and a royal carriage. Choose your wardrobe to accentuate your natural blessings. You can eat your favourite foods without worrying. Leo is a dry sign and your problems if any will not so much to reduce as to put on weight. However, this same characteristic of the sign can cause your skin to wrinkle faster than other signs. Pay great attention to your skin: use softening agents, especially natural – milk cream for instance to keep your skin youthful.

hindu_brideVirgo: You have the knack of appearing like you’ve just stepped out of the band box. Your face is indeed your fortune – large eyes, well-formed forehead, luxuriant hair and fine teeth – you need to do little except protect these gifts your born with. Mercury as your ruler can give you a shiny nose; so apart from astringent you need little else to look and feel good.

Libra: You have an oval face and good facial structure. You also are skilled in using make-up. But you must guard against blemishes and eruptions on the skin. Stick to a high fibre diet with plenty of fluids – water, fruit and vegetable juices. Avoid all stimulants including coffee and tea if you don’t want a blotchy, acne-ravaged complexion.

Scorpio: This secretive sign as your Ascendant gives you eyes that are deep pools of mystery. Accentuate their natural beauty with careful make-up. Being a watery sign, you need to watch your waistline too. So ice-creams, pastries, sweets are all taboo for you. You also tend to perspire excessively. Take at least two baths a day to stay fresh.

Sagittarius: Expansive Jupiter ruling you can give you basically broad structure which means you’ll have to choose your clothes to downplay this part of your appearance. Go in for pastel shades. You have a friendly, genial face and that means, lots of friends. Don’t let them bludgeon you into hogging or your waistline can start bulging, your sign being a double-bodied one.

e240e8328dca4a3ce6c6ee3e74f7b1d6Capricorn: Your skin tends to dryness, so pay attention to lubricating it with good quality cold creams as well as intake of fresh leafy vegetables and fruits. Your cheeks are invariably hollow unless you use a little make-up to give them the appearance of fullness. Avoid heels because your legs are your weak points and in later years can give your problems.

Aquarius: You have a clear skin and find features but almost always a sad, sad look. Work extra hard at keeping smiling face or your taut facial muscles can soon give way to a sagging, haggard face. Your back also tends to stoop, so take up yogasanas early in life to stay erect and healthy all your life.

Pisces: You have a transparent complexion and expressive eyes with thick dark lashes. Your skin is extra soft and you are generally rotund and fleshy. That means you will have to do regular exercise if you want to keep obesity at bay. You also tend to have flat feet Obesity and flat feet rarely make a good combination. So choose your footwear with care.

(Courtesy: The Astrological Magazine, 77/7)

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