Saturn and problems with delayed marriage in Indian culture

by R M Banerjee
Delayed marriage is one of the most pressing problems which riddles the modern society of India. Whatever be the social, economic, educational and demographic reasons behind this malaise, there is no denial of the fact that practicing astrologers and columnists in astrological magazine are being continuously pestered with questions from anxious parents who are very eager to see their sons and daughters matrimonially settled in life. When eligible young boys and girls, in spite of their best efforts, fail to get suitable match for them, they rush to astrologers out of desperation for relief and advice.
In this small article, an attempt has been made to show, with the help of practical examples that Saturn is the main planet behind most of the cases on delayed marriages. Though there may be other planets playing their roles in this specific context are more or less of contributory nature aggravating the basic trend set by Saturn in a birth chart.

The prima-facie case for the assumption that Saturn causes delayed marriages is based on three astrological axioms. Firstly Saturn is an anti-marital planet. In astrology it is considered as a female which is reluctant to marry. Secondly, Saturn’s natural age is 36 years before which it does not really become effective in yielding such tangible results as expected of it due to its lordship, placement and relationships with other planets in a chart. This imagined natural age however can be realistically lowered to 30 years when Saturn completes its first revolution and comes to the same sign where it had been in the horoscope at the time of birth of the native. Thirdly, Saturn’s aspect on a house or a planet tend to depress qualities and attributes of that planet or the house. When Jupiter expands, Mars excites and Rahu accelerates, Saturn depresses. Karakatwa of a planet and its lordship both are badly damaged and results expected of a house are suppressed unless the house is of Saturn’s own sign.
So delayed marriages are mostly caused by Saturn when i) it occupies the 7th house in a birth chart, ii) aspects the 7th house, iii) conjoins, aspects and interchanges houses with the 7th lord and iv) afflicts the karaka planet Venus in various ways.

A) A man saddled with Saturn in his house of marriage may marry late in life.

classicaldance_25787B) When Saturn becomes the lord of marriage, it should not be placed in the 6th, 8th and 12th houses because these three trika houses yield unfavourable bhavas when reckoned from both the ascendant and the 7th house. Saturn as the 7th lord in the 8th house also causes delay in marriage.

C) An afflicted and retrograde Saturn in any one of these houses may make timely marriage a difficult proposition.

D) Usually a man has been seen to marry between 29 and 31 years when Saturn happens to be his lord of marriage or When Saturn stays in his house of marriage because during that time as already mentioned, transiting Saturn’s first conjunction with the radical Saturn in a birth chart takes place. Sometimes transiting Saturn’s aspects on the radical Saturn in the 7th house leads to marriage.

E) When the 7th lord occupies the house of Saturn, the latter becomes his dispositor and so gets partial authority indicating timing of marriage. Under such circumstances Saturn must be positionally strong and elevated through natural benefics for ensuring timely marriage.

F) A high concentration of planets in two houses of Saturn is the least to be desired as those planets staying there may inherit delaying characteristics of Saturn.

imagesG) If in a horoscope, the 7th lord particularly Saturn or Mercury falls in the region bounded between 23°20′ Capricorn and 6°20′ of Aquarius under the jurisdiction of nakshatra Dhanishtha, its owner may in all probability remain unmarried. This is because Saturn and Mercury are impotent planets and the constellation No.23 is also maritally ineffective.

H) Rahu in the 7th house often leads to broken engagement. However a deeper probe into those horoscopes having Rahu in the 7th house reveal Saturn’s open or tacit support to Rahu’s action otherwise Rahu as much does not delay marriage. It can at best create disturbance at the time of marriage.

I) Other adverse planets no doubt interact with Saturn and deepen the basic trend but Saturn’s influence has been there because Saturn’s role to protracting an issue or lingering a problem always remains unique.
The concluding paragraph contains an analytical note on select horoscopes whose owners were either victims of delayed marriages. The note is this intended to provide the requisite data base to what has been delineated in the preceding paras and to highlight Saturn’s specific role in the context of the subject matter of the article.
Case No. 1: Date of birth 19-2-1937, 5.52 p.m. Calcutta. Balance of dasa at birth – Mars 6 years and 11 days. Planetary build up: Leo-Ascdt. Libra–Mars; Scorpio–Rahu; Sagittarius–Jupiter; Capricorn–Mercury; Aquarius–Saturn and Ravi; Pisces–Venus; Taurus–Moon and Ketu. The horoscope reveals Saturn’s placement in the 7th house conjoined with a natural malefic viz Sun. The native married in March 1979 when he was 42 and his Saturn’s Mahadasa had just commenced. Will be interesting to note that the period also coincided with transit of Saturn’s passage through Leo wherefrom it directly activated the radical Saturn in Aquarius. In 1979, transiting Jupiter from Cancer also applied trinal aspects on native’s radical Venus in Pisces.

Case No. 2: Date of birth 20/21-11-1933 Midnight 12.30 Calcutta. Balance Dasa at birth – Venus, 11 years and 6 months. Horoscope: Leo-Ascdt and Ketu; Virgo-Jupiter; Libra-Mercury; Scorpio-Sun; Sagittarius-Moon, Venus and Mars; Capricorn-Saturn; Aquarius-Ketu. Here in this horoscope, Saturn as the lord of the 7th house is in the 6th which is not only 6th from the ascendant but also 12th from the 7th house. It is also hemmed in between malefic Rahu in the 7th house coupled with adverse Saturn led to broken engagements. The native’s marriage was almost settled in August 1962 during his Mars-Rahu when an unpleasant incident led to broken engagement. In 1962 Saturn was transiting through his radical Saturn in Capricorn. Readers may kindly note that in addition to uncomfortable placement of the 7th house Rahu’s dispositor, the 12th house of the horoscope is being aspected both by Saturn and Mars and Rahu-Ketu axis has passed through the native’s ascendant and the 7th. This shows supplementary factors aggravating role in deepening a crisis situation.
Case No. 3. Date of birth 27-1-39 at 7.30 a.m. Calcutta. Horoscope: Capricorn-Ascdt and Sun; Aquarius-Jupiter; Pisces-Moon and Saturn; Aries-Ketu; Libra-Rahu; Scorpio-Mars and Venus; Sagittarius-Mercury. This horoscope displays Saturn’s conjunction with the 7th lord Moon in Pisces. The native had to wait till 1968 for her marriage when transiting Saturn completed its first revolution and came to the same sign where it had been at the time of her birth.
Case No. 4. Date of birth 21st March 1915 at 1.30 a.m. Balance of dasa at birth – Sun 3 years (approx). Horoscope: Sagittarius-Ascdt; Capricorn-Venus; Aquarius-Rahu, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury; Pisces-Sun; Taurus-Moon, Gemini-Mercury and Leo-Ketu. The horoscope indicates Saturn’s location in the 7th house and its exchange of houses with the 7th lord Mercury. The 7th lord is also conjoined with the two first rate malefic viz. Rahu and Mars. Moreover as many as 5 planets are in the houses of Saturn which have inherited qualities of Saturn at least to some extent. Saturn’s major period in this horoscope started when the man reached 55. Though he felt the urge for marriage but considered too old for that purpose. He remained unmarried till death.
Case No. 5. Date of birth 29-5-1917, 10 a.m. Balance of dasa at birth: Venus 2 years (approx). Horoscope: Libra-Ascdt; Sagittarius-Moon and Rahu; Taurus-Jupiter; Gemini-Mars and Ketu; Cancer-Saturn; Leo-Sun; and Virgo-Venus and Mercury. Here Saturn has been applying its 10th aspect on the 7th house and sextile aspect on the karaka planet notorious for its inbuilt tendency to complicate an issue. The man to whom the horoscope belongs married in 1962 at the age of 45 during his Jupiter-Saturn.
Case No. 6: Date of birth 30-10-1941, 9.30 p.m. Balance of dasa at birth – Jupiter 11 years 11 months and 19 days. Planetary positions at the time of birth: Gemini-Ascdt; Leo-Rahu; Libra-Mercury (R) and Sun; Scorpio-Venus; Aquarius-Moon & Ketu; Aries-Mars (R); Taurus-Jupiter (R) and Saturn (R). Here retrograde 7th lord Jupiter in the terminal sign is conjoined with retrograde Saturn which has been also directly aspecting the Karaka planet Venus. The native married in March 1981, when retrograde Jupiter and Saturn conjunction which exists in the basic chart repeated itself in Virgo.
Case No. 7 belongs to a lady who was born on 2-6-1956 at 5.30 a.m. in Calcutta with the following planetary build up: Taurus-Ascdt, Sun, Mercury (R) and Ketu; Gemini-Venus; Leo-Jupiter; Scorpio-Saturn (R), Rahu; Aquarius-Moon and Mars. The lady ultimately married in 1987 at the age of 30 but before that in 1985 and 1986 a series of negotiations fell through just short of final settlement. Needless to say that the whole period 1985-1987, eventfully culminating in marriage coincided with Saturn’s transit through her 7th house and in 1987, the year of marriage, Rahu while passing through Pisces finally aspected the 7th house Scorpio. A look at the horoscope immediately reveals the presence of Rahu in the 7th house leading to broken engagement and its conjunction with the Saturn. Saturn appears to have exchanged residence with the 7th lord Mars in Aquarius. So the horoscope is interspersed with Saturn’s influence on Rahu, 7th house and the 7th lord.
In this way, examples may be multiplied but the basic fact remains unchanged.

In horoscopes whose owners married late in life, Saturn has a domination influence on strategic houses and strategic lords connected with marriage. In such horoscopes, marriages seldom take place in the early part of life unless other favourable influences are there to counteract Saturn’s delaying role in this regard.

(Condensed from Express Star Teller, July, 1991)

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