Astrology and Family Planning by V M Natu

During the last few years while concentrating on study of medical astrology, some details have been collected by me from different sources which are useful considering family planning by astrology and have been penned down in this article.

Conceiving a child(A) As per certain standard Indian texts a female is able to conceive only up to 16th day from the day on which the monthly course starts after which she cannot conceive as the opening in the uterus closes till next menses sets in. Leaving the first three days, even number days are useful to conceive male progeny and odd number days are useful to conceive females.
In these days 4th night is acceptable by some but not accepted by some others as children conceived on the 4th night may become weak, diseased and short-lived. 11th and 13th nights are also to be avoided as children conceived on these nights may become impotent and not good in character otherwise. 5th and 6th nights are not bad but not so good also for a healthy progeny. Thus 6th, 8th, 10th, 12th, 14th and 16th nights are progressively good for birth of male issues and 5th, 7th, 9th and 15th nights are progressively good for birth of female issues. 12th, 14th. 16th nights are definitely progressively better to conceive male issues and 15th night the best to conceive female issues. But as the opening in the uterus gets contracted by and by till 16th night, the weak semen of a common male of today may not reach inside during these days. Therefore 8th & 10th nights can be taken as very much satisfactory to beget healthy male issues and 7th & 9th nights can be taken as satisfactory to beget healthy female issues.
Thus a man with average ability should have sexual relations with his wife on 8th and 10th nights from the first day of menses for good and healthy male issues and on 7th and 9th nights for good and healthy female issues.
(B) Dr Eugen Jonas was a Czechoslovakian psychiatrist. He carried out is researches with them help of gynecologists on the birth data of several mothers and their infants. As a result of his researches he has been able to establish the following three rules which are found to be 87% reliable as claimed by him.
(1) The ability of a mature woman to conceive tends to occur on the day when the tithi or the lunar day is the same as it was when she was born. This lunar day or tithi in every month would be the day of maximum fertility for her.
(2) The sex of the child born from such a conception date would depend on whether the Moon was in an odd sign or even sign when it was occupying the lunar day in question. If the Moon was in an odd sign, a male child would be born; but if an even sign, a girl would be born. These signs should be taken in the Sayana Zodiac and not in the Nirayana one.
(3) The ability of the child to survive depends on the aspects the Sun and the Moon received on the above conception tithi day. If one or both of them are afflicted by squares, oppositions or parallels of malefics, the baby born will not live long or be still birth or abortion would result. When the afflictions are not so severe as to cause death the baby will be deformed in some way. Therefore, to have good and healthy children, the day of conception should be so chosen that both the Sun and the Moon are free from affliction and, if possible, receive good aspects of benefic planets.
how-to-conceive-a-healthy-baby-by-pregnancy-astrology (C) F C Dutt has given following three rules in his book “Prenatal Astrology”:
(1) In Indian Astrology there is a rule that if a child is born of any sex, say a boy, and if a New Moon occurs within nine days of the birth, the succeeding child will be of opposite sex; in this case, a girl. If there is no New Moon within nine days of the birth, the next child will be of the same sex as that of the first. This rule is found to be correct in a majority of cases.
(2) What about first child? If the New Moon occurred within 9 days of the birth of the mother the first child will be a girl; otherwise the first born will be a boy.
(3) Count the months synodically (i.e the No. of New Moons) from the New Moon day preceding the birth date of the mother up to the month of the given year in which ovulation or pregnancy occurred. If this number be odd, sex of the coming child will be male; and if even, a female.
(Notes—Rules 2 & 3 above are reported as not standing up to a rigorous statistical tests)
(D) When a child is born, the possible sex of the next issue can be known with sufficient accuracy from third house examination the child’s chart as follows:
(1) The third house falling in odd signs, the lord of the third and Mars placed in odd signs and odd navamsas or aspected by the Sun, Mars and Jupiter give predominantly brothers.
(2) The third house falling in even signs, the lord of the third and Mars placed in even signs and even navamsas or aspected by the Moon, Venus and Rahu give predominantly sisters.
(E) Conception could be avoided if the sexual union takes place in legless, bodyless and headless asterisms covered being 3rd, 5th, 7th, 12th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd and 25th (Legless stars: Krittika, Uttara, Uttarashadha ruled by the Sun who controls virility; bodyless stars: Mrigashira, Chitra, Dhanishtha ruled by Mars who controls vitality; headless stars: Punarvasu, Vishakha, Poorvabhadrapada ruled by Jupiter who controls fertility).
(F) Persons who do not desire to have children should have sexual relations when the Sun, the Moon and Venus are not occupying their own navamsas and Jupiter is not occupying Lagna, 5th or 9th house.
(G) In Uranian astrology, the mid point Mars/Jupiter signifies births, children and pregnancy. When this point in the mother’s chart contacts (by conjunction or aspect) the Sun, Jupiter or Mars either by progression or Solar arc direction, for the day of conception or parturition, a boy will be born. If it contacts Venus or the Moon, a girl will be born. To these rules it can be added that if it contacts the MC or ascendant, and if they are odd signs, a boy will be the result, otherwise a girl.
In cases of abortions or still births, it has been found that this point is activated by Uranus or Neptune. According the Ebertin, the mid point Uranus/Neptune plays an important part in most miscarriages and still births.
It will be seen from the above details that family planning and predetermination of sex is possible by astrology within certain limits.

(Condensed from Planets & Forecast, Dec., 1984)

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