Astrology & Human Fate by J C Das

Indian astrology is replete with ‘Karma Phala’ indications and also ‘prayaschita’ for them. The word ‘fate’ does not need any explanation to an Indian. We believe in Punarjanma not because some one has asked us to do so, but we have any number of tangible proofs to establish that.

From the astrological point of view there are any number of sufferings for man. Adhibhoutik, Adhidaivic and Adhyatmik are the broad groupings which cover all. These according to Srimat Bhagabat Geeta goes thus:
Adhibhuta are the perishable body and its like, Aadhidaiva is Viraat Purusha, the lord of the devas and God is Adhiyagna, dwelling in the body as the all seer. Departure from virtue is transgressing one thing or the other of God’s law and punishment thereof comes about which is written in one’s horoscope. We may discuss few of them in terms of astrological discipline.

o_death__come_near_me_by_silvertwilights-d6kdqrkDeath is number one of all fears. This divine law of termination of life which began in form of a living being, is most dreaded. It comes in many shapes and forms and as one is ignorant of his termination of life on this mundane earth he looks to astrology for necessary information from a delineation of his horoscope.

A modern astrologer says

“Sub lord of the ascendant shows one’s health, vitality, immunity and longevity. Planets benefic by lordship, occupying Lagna do not guarantee long span of life and so also malefics to afflict death.”

“The sixth house shows disease and the 8th shows unexpected minor or serious incidents and anxiety to life…”

“The 12th house threatens danger, hospitalization and the end of life”.

In short, if the sub lord of the ascendant signifies Badhaka or Maraka Sthana, then the life is short. Nature of death is judged from the sub lord of the 9th cusp.
In the same way we may delineate one’s profession from a chart starting with the sub lord of the 10th cusp. If it signifies the 7th house, the native takes to self-depending business, if the 6th house, then to service, if the 4th house, then agriculture etc. Today of course the professional avenues are many and therefore difficult to pinpoint which of them will fructify; but by taking the sub lord theory of Prof. Krishnamurti one can arrive at an appreciable group from which the choice would come.
The 10th house is the supreme angle of the heaven, and therefore very important astrologically since it pertains to one’s name, fame, honour and recognition – hence the apex of the horoscope. But what one will pursue is read from the houses 2, 6 and 10. They constitute the material trinity. Earthy signs represent material gain. Houses 2, 6 and 10 of the natural zodiac are earthy signs. The 10th house represents one’s ‘Prabruti’ – inclination; the 6th for service, routine work carried on through force of circumstances and the 2nd house is self-acquisition resulting from one’s labour in the shape of money and/or material. Inheritance is also acquisition which is read from the 4th house. The 8th house is unearned income; 4th house being 8th to 9th and as the 9th house denotes father (reference Sarbartha Chintamani) shows what one inherits by way of paternal property.

Bank Position

Everyone wants to improve his bank position. It can be studied from the horoscope. One gets money during the period of significators of houses 1,2,3,6,10 and 11 in the sub of the significators of houses 2,6,10 and 11 only. Money gets expended during the signification of the other houses. Improvement of status on the other hand is judged from house 2, 6 and 11 during their conjoined periods. It is seen that where Mars the pusher, happens to be the sub lord of the 10th cusp or the 10th house is connected with Mars having its sub lord signifying 2 or 6 or 10, one rises higher and higher.

Criminal’s chart

I have had opportunities to study the charts of several desperate criminals wherein each and every case the 4th house lord was a malefic, posited in the star of another malefic and signified the 12th house. If it is Mars the native commits crime openly and where it is Saturn he does it stealthily. Mercury lets him to commit crime cunningly.
I have come across a very unreliable guy utterly lawless. In his chart Ketu and Mercury are in the 4th house and Mercury happened to be in the star of Saturn in 12th and in the sub of Ketu. Mercury is clever and cunning, 12th house is the secret house, Saturn is secret planet and this situation establishes the truth of it.
Jupiter purifies Mars and other planets while Venus easily gets contaminated by Mars, Saturn or Rahu. Venus and Rahu in good aspect cause excessive enjoyment and may cause a wife’s death as Rahu eclipses any planet. In case of Venus, however, it tones down.
Those who have done unpardonable sins in the past life (i.e. Dridha Karma) the first Dadhipati Dasa lord, Bhukti lord, Lagna and the Moon will be found devoid of beneficial aspect of Jupiter and especially from the lord of the 9th house who indicates virtuous deeds done in the previous births.
Thus human fate or Adrusta which is otherwise unknowable becomes known through astrology.

(Courtesy: “Planets & Forecast”, November, 1982)