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Unravel Me * Tahereh Mafi Book 2 from Shatter Me

Unravell me wasn’t as good as Shatter Me from my perspective but it’s still a very good YA book. Much better than Mortal Instruments so far. It’s starting off slow, with a small recollection of the events from the previous novel (Shatter Me) and how Juliette, the main hero of the story, tries to fit in at the Omega Point underground compound while hiding from Walter who wants her for his evil scheme and while loving Adam, her new boyfriend.

Things seem to go south when Adam stops being immune to her deadly touch and we find out that he was special too, he had a defense mechanism from other people’s powers and because he trusted Juliette now so much, his defense was letting her killing touch through, destroying their intimacy and ending their relationship.


Towards the second part of the book, they capture Warner and Juliette is tasked with interrogating him, but no-one knows that he is immune to her touch much as Adam was. She starts feeling sorry for him and a strange kind of affection develops.

He’s the kind of boy who was only ever taught to be a man, who was told to erase the concept of childhood from his life’s expectations.

Juliette is so vulnerable and so torn between the two that you can’t help but feel pity for her. The experiences she goes through, the emotions that run through, the pain that she’s afflicted, you are transported once again into her world. Into her life, and it’s excruciating to read. Juliette comes alive on the pages, and she is so wonderfully developed in Unravel Me that I can’t help but want to hug her and want to be her friend. Now I can understand why everyone is gunning for Kenji. He tells the truth in such a way that makes you feel shameful! Kudos Kenji! He is more or less the sidekick, but what a wonderfully written one at that. He is surprisingly one of my favourite characters.

imagesAnd the swoon worthy begins! Juliette and Adam’s heavy make out sessions just make my body temperature rise rise rise! There’s a little bit of Adam in every corner of this book, and I’m completely fine with that, but if you haven’t read Destroy Me, I completely switched sides. I’m on Team Warner now.. I’m probably a little bit in love with Warner the fictional character.. Two amazing twists have been revealed in this part of the trilogy and I love love love it! A little bit of a megalomaniac, a little too perfect, but also incredibly and deeply scarred and flawed. His character is probably the most interesting one out of all the characters. He is much more than the soldier he was brought up to be. And just WOW on his intense desire and passion for Juliette.

I’m in love Tahereh’s poetic writing style and at 465 pages, it’s a monster to read in one sitting.

It took me close to two weeks to get it done and the best parts, the intense parts, it’s lyrical and wonderful and cute  – those parts I would read over and over again.

If you love romance, action, drama, and dystopia, this book is your book to read.

Good parts: As always, the thoughts are crossed out and they are really lovely

Bad Parts: Too much teenager angst too handle, too much abuse to contend with. This is supposed to be a light love story, a love triangle, and it’s turning into a lemon. The Warner boy has F&£7ed up written all over him and he has some serious issues mostly stemming from his father.

The fact that Juliette falls for him and they nearly end up having “pity sex” is a bit off. And her boyfriend never crosses her mind! Meh. I’ll read the third instalment, but I’ll take a break from YA novels for a while and read some good Sci-Fi like “Year of the Flood”

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