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Dick Francis – Shattered Book Review

New Year’s Eve of the millennium – Martin Stukely dies while riding as a jockey. After the race, his friend Gerard Logan is handed a videotape for safekeeping. The tape is stolen from his glass-works shop that night in the midnight celebration before Gerard had a chance to know what was on it. Within the following week, Gerard is attacked by four masked individuals who demanded the return of the tape.


This book contains the familiar comforts we have come to expect from Francis– a likeable accidental hero, a loathsome villan or two, a nice girl and the chance to learn something. Reading one of Francis’ novels is like sitting down with an old, familiar friend.

In typical Dick Francis fashion, it then becomes a race to determine what is on this missing tape and where is it located.

I rate this one high up there on my likes of Dick Francis mysteries. Where, o where, did he continue to get such ideas? Perhaps that is why he was the author and I the reader. Romance and a cast of characters – which can you believe – as well as obviously well researched information on making glass make this difficult to put down. Right up to the very end there are threads to be unwoven and details mentioned early on that one had best pay attention to because they will come back and prove significant.

All in all, a good effort. Enjoyable read and great for a day on the beach. Maybe because I have read this after the Obsession stories that I found the book to be bland and bleak at times and the story repetitive and mundane. But it did manage to make me interested enough to finish it and it did not end up in the abandoned pile.

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