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The Servants of Twilight * Dean Koontz

To his mother, Joey seems an ordinary six-year-old boy – special to her, but to no one else. To the Servants of Twilight, however, he is an evil presence who must be destroyed – an Anti-Christ who must die. This is a scary could-be-story about the power of cults and how they cannot stop once a maniac sets his mind to kill someone.


This book is a dark and disturbing story of a crazy old woman who is deep into her own Christian cult and thinks that a harmless young boy is the Antichrist!

One hot, summer’s day Christine Scavello is out shopping with her six year old son, Joey. They are enjoying their day when all of a sudden a crazed old woman is accusing the boy of evil and screaming that he has to die! Christine manages to get Joey home, but the ordeal doesn’t end there! A fistful of dark and terrifying events occur and Christine and Joey’s lives are soon at risk! This heart stopping tale has an excellent beginning and an even better and surprising ending.

This book is filled with blood, gore, terror, fear, etc. and I would recommend it to all Koontz fans and horror new-comers.

This is Koontz at his very best and he doesn’t disappoint in the slightest way! I’ve enjoyed all the Koontz books I’ve ever read, and this book is definitely no exception!

A classic Koontz tale that makes the face pale, the heart stop and stretches the nerve endings to virtually snapping point! Definitely worth five crowns!

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