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Odd Thomas * Dean Koontz

In a remote town, a 20 year old fryer called Odd Thomas (Odd is the surname) has a very special gift and is soon to be in harm’s way.


Odd Thomas, is a fry cook with a special 6th sense. This 6th sense enables him to see dead people. The difference between Odd and that M. Night Shamalan movie is that the dead cannot talk to Odd. But they do seek revenge, by helping Odd track down their killers. Another aspect of this 6th sense is that he also sees dark spirits which he calls “bodachs.” These bodachs appear and linger when violence and death are about to happen.

Bodach insterested in a person
Bodach insterested in a person

In the small Southern California town of Pico Mundo, Odd Thomas has just tracked down the murderer of a little girl and goes to work as a fry cook at the local greasy spoon cafe, when a man with a mysterious aura comes in and becomes the center of attention for a flock of these bodachs. Knowing they are only present when something evil is about to happen, Odd uses the 3rd part of his “gift” to psychically track down this mysterious man he has dubbed “The Fungus Man.” The bad guy gets his name because of his appearance being closer to micology than biology. By the way, Odd still hasn’t decided if this 6th sense is a gift or a curse.

After tracking down the man Odd gets the feeling of dread in which he feels many of Pico Mundo’s citizens will perish in a major catastrophic act of evil. Odd Thomas has to stop this. He is only assisted by his girlfriend, the local sheriff and the ghost of the King of Rock-n-Roll. That’s right Elvis’ ghost has taken up residency in Pico Mundo.

So with this motley crew of citizens working to fight evil Dean Koontz has written one of his best novels. The character is very believable, even if he has a paranormal gift and the action is intense and non-stop. This book is one that intrigues you with great characters and keeps you held to your seat with a great plot and great action leading to a great climax. I will warn you the book has a sad ending as any paranormal love story does.

Jules’ Review

Rating: 5/5
I loved this book. From the first magical paragraph where Odd describes himself as a normal Joe in very modest words:

“I am not a celebrity. I am not the child of a celebrity. I have never been married to, abused by, and never provided a kidney for transplantation into a celebrity. Furthermore, I have no desire to be a celebrity. In fact, I am such a nonentity by the standards of our culture that People magasine not only will never feature a piece about me but might also reject my attempts to subscribe to their publication on the grounds that the black-hole gravity of my non-celebrity is powerful enough to suck their entire enterprise into oblivion.”

The words have a magical cadence and before I knew it, I was submerged in a trance where I could almost feel Odd next to me. His way of speach, action and thought appear to be very simple but deep at the same time. And his love for Stormy – well – I would give an arm and leg for a love like that in my life (kidding – just an arm).

He stops a massacre, he risks his life to find the killer(s) and he even travels back in time (5 minutes). Oh – and he can see dead people like they were real people. Including Stormy.. (spoiler). I was so shocked at the end when she died! (spoiler again)

Favourite Parts The way he would like to do more with Stormy but denies it when he has the opportunity because he loves her too much. The way she calls him “Odd one”. The lovely attraction between them. Odd’s thinking and life approach.
The fact that he did not save “ALL” the people in the mall making him another Bruce Willis.


Least Favourite Parts The absence of the DOG πŸ™‚

A movie about this book is was released inΒ 2012:

Odd Thomas Movie

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