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A street cat named Bob * James Bowen

5828897An endearing tale about overcoming obstacles and the value of perseverence from James Bowen. A street cat named Bob – or Big Issue Bob – presents a chapter in the life of a recovering heroin addict who is struggling to make ends meet when he meets a new friend

12394068I got the book after I have seen some pictures of Bob on a social media website and after the dread and hollow outlook on life offered by “The Piano Teacher”, I needed a book that could cheer me up and get me to see the good in people and the hope in life.

This short auto-biography shows the story of how Harry met Sally or in this instance, how the author got to know Bob, an abandoned ginger tomcat and how a friend can change your life for the better.

Showing responsibility for another life, worrying about another being other than yourself, putting the needs of the helpless before the needs of self – this type of change for the better can only end in happiness.
I loved the book and I would dearly recommend it to all cat lovers. You will find may things that remind you of your dear kitties, the first scare of indigestion, the first fight with another cat, the scare of a dog attack and the love that would make you jump in front of danger to save your beloved pet and also the opposite – the time when the pet returns your love when you need it the most.

I nearly cried when James was re-telling his cold-turkey experience and how his cat helped him through it. It’s true, if you have a pet for long enough, a sort of telepathy & sense sharing develops and you tend to communicate easier.

You can always tell a lot about a man by the way he treats those who have no power to defend themselves.

The publisher said today that in just two years, combined sales of A Street Cat Named Bob (written with Garry Jenkins), its sequel The World According to Bob and the children’s book Bob: No Ordinary Cat, have now topped sales of 1m copies – 1,082,025 to be exact – in the UK, in all formats. The extraordinary sales bring Bowen into the company of publishing phenomena including JK Rowling, EL James, Stephenie Meyer and Dan Brown.

“It’s incredible,” said Bowen. “When I first saw Bob on this doorstep, I never thought this is where I’d be today.”

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Bob the busking cat

Street performance or busking is the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities. While not illegal, it is usually requested that the performers use designated spots for singing / acting.

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