Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk when losing weight

eating-mindfully-get-rid-ditch-scale-clinical-psychologist-weight-loss-expert-dr-susan-albers-health-spryIt is important to recognize that while mental strategies are necessary, they are not enough. Thoughts are useful only if they can change behavior. Talking the talk means walking the walk! You need to frame the mental strategy correctly.

Making positive changes includes developing and practicing techniques that reinforce your belief that you can lose weight and keep it off. Given the right tools, you can trust your ability to make smart choices that will help you reach your goals.

Making wise food choices is so important in our food-filled environment.
We live in a world with an abundance of food that tastes good and is high in calories.You need a good knowledge of foods and food choices so that you can make smart decisions. You also need a healthy eating plan that you can follow every day but that allows enough flexibility for special events and changes in your routine. It also is important to support your willpower and do the little things that
make it easier to stay the course.

Positive Changes Support Willpower
• Visualize yourself at your goal weight.
• Rehearse food and activity strategies.
• Give yourself positive feedback.
• Remind yourself that you are making long-term lifestyle changes; you are not on a diet.

Food Choices Support Willpower
• Avoid places that are filled with your food temptations, especially when you are hungry.
• Think ahead so that you have food that you want to eat when you want to eat it.
• Don’t keep irresistible foods close at hand.
• Rehearse strategies to ask for what you want when you’re away from home.

Study after study has shown that regular physical activity is a key component of a comprehensive plan for sustainable weight loss. The obvious benefit is that physical activity burns calories and helps improve muscle tone. It makes you feel better, and it’s easier to have willpower when you feel good. Physical activity reduces stress, which helps you focus on making smart decisions. Of course, physical activity alone is not enough.

We are programmed to want and need the company of others. Eating is one of our most social activities.Yet many people feel that when it comes to weight loss, they need to do it alone.
Assistance and encouragement from family and friends can be a tremendous boost to willpower. Being able to talk with people who are also striving to achieve a healthy body weight can be incredibly helpful. Getting insights and encouragement from those who are now maintaining weight loss is invaluable.

Physical Activity Supports Willpower
• Schedule physical activity into your daily calendar.
• Keep exercise clothing in your car so that it’s always handy.
• Join a class with an inspiring instructor.
• Choose activities that best fit your schedule and lifestyle.

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