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Blood Red Turns Dollar Green (Paul O'Brien)

Ready for some action? Presented in a humorous way, the wrestling scene of the 70s is bound to be full of colorful characters, shady businesses and a murder case.


This novel contains adult themes and situations.

Blood Red Turns Dollar Green is one hell of a novel, with shades of Mario Puzo, Elmore Leonard and Michael Connelly. The action is relentless, the characters are shady and the justice is swift and final. Paul O’Brien is the real deal and a rising star in the crime arena“. – Eoin Colfer, International Best Selling Author of Artemis Fowl, And Another Thing… and Plugged

1972 New York City and a dazed Lenny Long walks away from a crash carrying someone’s foot in his hand. He is also searching for the VIP passenger who has somehow disappeared from the back of his overturned van. It’s the first day of his new promotion and Lenny has less than twenty minutes to deliver the missing person or a lot of people are going to get badly hurt.

Danno Garland is in Shea Stadium trying to avoid a riot. He’s coming to the end of the most successful wrestling card of all time but he’s also coming to the realisation that he might not be able to deliver his widely hyped main event. He knows there’s more than the eyes of the arena on him and if Lenny doesn’t arrive soon, blood is going to be sought. Probably his.

Proctor King nervously watches the show on TV, wondering why his fuck-up of a son doesn’t already have the world heavyweight belt in his grasp. Arranging this match has taken Proctor four years of pay-offs, double dealing and bone breaking to arrange. If all that effort has been wasted then he might just have to take him a business trip to New York.

Lenny, Danno and Proctor. Three men with pieces of the puzzle but none with the full picture.

When they do piece it all together, the ‘fake’ world of professional wrestling is going to get very real.

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About the author

Paul O’Brien

paulobrienPaul O’Brien is a writer from Wexford, Ireland. In the last fifteen years he has written sixteen plays and two screenplays. His work has been commissioned and/or produced by The National Theatre of Ireland, Druid, Red Kettle Theatre, Gaiety School of Acting and Spare Key Productions.

He lives with his wife, Una and daughter, Niamh.

Blood Red Turns Dollar Green is his debut novel.