10 Most Ass Kicking Heroines of all Movies/ Comics

Often times we appreciate superheroines for their eye candy and their feats penned in ink. Most importantly, we read comics to watch women kick ass.


While most of these characters are great in that they remain triumphant in spite of their lack of powers, the others make the list for supplementing their superpowers with sheer attitude. Without further ado, here’s our list of female Ass Kickers.


As the film’s tagline goes, she can’t see through walls, but she can still kick your ass. While this pint sized vigilante didn’t bear the graphic novel’s title, she still stole the show.


Wolverine is hands down the biggest badass in comic’s literature. Predictably, his female clone inherited both his demeanor and reputation.
Wonder Woman


Idol of feminist comic fans across America. This Amazon takes flak from no one, be they man or woman.
Bat Woman


Female superhero counterparts are typically lame, but this one sets herself apart as a lip stick lesbian and with Bruce Wayne’s vicious brand of justice to boot.
Power Girl


Refusing to stay in the shadow of her cousin Clark, Power Girl balances her brawn with equal parts attitude proportionate to her other assets.
Black Canary


One of the few powerless Superheroines strong enough to hold their own. Interestingly, she was the inspiration for the Silk Spectre of Watchmen fame.


An egocentric narcissist who won’t let anything stand in her way. As much as we despise evil, we have to admire her resolve.


Imagine a super model with the law expertise of Ally McBeal, the destructive might of the original Hulk, and you can understand why she made our pick.
Black Widow


A femme fatale, who has sneered the hearts of both Daredevil and Iron Man during her tenure as a hero. We’ve all seen the second Iron Man film and know what she’s capable of.


Cop by day, mystic warrior by night. Sarah Pezzini may be imbued with the powers of an ancient weapon, that doesn’t make her independent crusade against the forces of darkness any less admirable.

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