Astrology Houses

AstrologyWe assume that the Earth is a fixed point, and that all other cosmic bodies revolve around it once a day. The main circle of the chart is divided into 12 equal segments. One segment, or House equals two hours out of the total 24 hours.
Houses relate to everyday activities; the first to personality, the second to possessions, and so on. A planet or planets placed in a particular House affects the area of life represented by that House in a manner typical of the planet. The House must be considered according to the sign in which the cusp, or starting point, of the particular House falls.
The area of life represented by the 12 Houses are as follows:

  1. Personality, health, disposition. It represents how one appears to the outsiders.
  2. Possessions, wealth, worldly resources. The sign on cusp may indicate sources of income.
  3. Family ties, education, short journey. The mind is associated with this House.
  4. Home, domestic life parenthood.
  5. Creativity, children, speculation, love affairs. This also relates to looseness of behaviour or indulgence.
  6. Work, subordinate. It is the attitude towards services to the outside world.
  7. Partnership (love and Business) The sign on cusp gives good indication of marriage partner.
  8. Inheritance, life and death, sex, crime. It is an attitude towards life. It represents big business.
  9. Philosophical views, higher forms of education. This Househas a bearing on moral ideals and conscience.
  10. Career, ambition, all matters outside the home. A social responsibility that affects one’s appearance.
  11. Friends, acquaintances, intellectual pleasures. It is the objectives in life.
  12. A need for seclusion, hospital visiting, self sacrifice. The presence of many planets here indicates subject’s susceptibility to drugs.


The 12 signs are separated in 4 elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. By examining the different planets in these signs together with the planets in the qualities of signs, astrologers can draw a profile analysis of a subject.
FIRE…Aries, Leo, Sagittarius…People of fire signs are explosive,volatile, energetic. They are leaders, inventors and adventurers. Their weaknesses are the tendency of doing their work to their extremes and burn themselves out. The Fire attributes are best to be counterbalance by Earth signs.
EARTH…Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn…People of Earth signs are practical, cautious and reliable. If they are lacking (few Earth signs) they lack imagination and creativity.
AIR…Gemini, Libra, Aquarius…Air signs are responsible for the intellectual activity, thought and philosophy. People who possess many planets in the Air signs are good planners. Without Air signs, subjects may have difficulty in communication, and be weak in artistic inclination. The excess of planets in Air signs are best to be counterbalanced by planets in the Water signs.
WATER…Cancer, Scorpio,Pisces. These are emotional signs. The planets in Water sign moderate the practicality of Earth, the ideas of Air, the careless energy of Fire.
In astrological interpretation, the element analysis is most traditional. For example, many planets in the Fire sign of a chart is indicative of the subject being very lively and enthusiastic. Though this interpretation is simplistic and direct, astrologers must also consider the effect of the Qualities and Aspects of the subject’s birth chart to draw a complete personality profile.


The 12 signs are separated into 3 qualities, they are Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. By studying the combination of different planets in the 3 different qualities of signs plus the Elements of Signs, astrologers can also draw a complete personality profile of a subject.
CARDINAL…Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. It is enterprising and outgoing.
FIXED…Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. It is resistant to change.
MUTABLE…Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.
It is adaptable and changeable.
Each sign of the same quality expresses its quality differently. For example, Aries and Cancer are both Cardinal, but Aries is of Fire and Cancer of Water. Therefore, both Aries and Cancer show signs of enterprising, but Aries will show an initial enthusiasm towards enterprising in the beginning whereas the Cancer will steadily show the quality through emotions. The interpretation of elements and qualities must also be combined with the overall context of Aspect interpretation.

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